Sunday 25 December 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 27

 This will be a short and sweet post today!

We are all ready for the day so thought I would quickly check in before we properly get underway. 

I have no photos today but I will tell you I am getting along fabulously with the garter marler sweater and it has inspired my Christmas eve cast on!  By next week, I should have some finished things to show you. 

So that is that - if you celebrate, I wish you a fantastic Christmas day and by the next blog there will be a new year,  so happy new year to you all! 🥳🎉

Monday 19 December 2022

A Year of Projects Update -- week 26

 I didn't post yesterday,  despite good intentions, as I got a bit carried away with my new cast on!

Anyway, I am posting today as it is the start of my Christmas break - hurrah!

I have been wearing See You There all week when I can and me and Daniel have managed to get out in the crunchy snow this weekend.

So, my cast ons ...
First, I cast on some Christmas socks 
Not a brilliant picture,  but they are knit in Stranded Dyeworks Christmas yarn from at least a year ago - I have a Christmas Red to do the heel and cuff.
My other cast on is a garter marler sweater by Stephen West.  It is knit in fingering weight held double, so you can use up all your bits.  Which is exactly what I intend to do!  Here it is so far.

I am hoping to get a lot done this week, in amongst the Christmas prep!
I hope everyone has a great week, and for those that celebrate, have a brilliant Christmas. 

Sunday 11 December 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 25

 I'm crawling my way to the Christmas holidays!

My buttons came and I was able to finish See You There 

I've already worn it out and about and I love it!

I also finished Tegna. 

Modelled by Patricia here, this is knit I some Lay Family Yarn.  
I don't know quite what sweater to cast on now so I'm giving myself a week off and then will decide!  In the meantime I have cast on a pair of socks and a dishcloth (mine are looking a bit sad!)
Me and Daniel  went to our local nature centre where they were having a small Christmas Market this weekend,  so I will leave you with a scene from the park.
I hope everyone has a lovely week.

Sunday 4 December 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 24

 I completely missed last week, I have no excuse!  Just ran out of time.

Mind you, it means that this week I almost have an FO!

Almost,  because it needs buttons - I thought I would be able to rake them from my stash but I didn't have enough of the right size, would you believe?!

See You There is finished!  It needs buttons and ends woven in, but the knitting is done and I love it!  This is by Joji Locatelli and yhe yarn is de Rerum Natura gilliatt. 

So now I am going to finish off my Tegna (which only needs sleeves so may be done by next week.

Me and Daniel went to a Santa experience today - he is now a bit old but we went and enjoyed hot chocolate and the market stalls.   We had a lovely festive morning.  I am feeling very unprepared for the festive season  but hopefully  I can get it together in the next couple of weeks!

Anyway,  I think that is that for this week  I'm not totally sure what sweater may be next, so that is exciting!  I hope everyone has a great week 💓