Sunday 25 December 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 27

 This will be a short and sweet post today!

We are all ready for the day so thought I would quickly check in before we properly get underway. 

I have no photos today but I will tell you I am getting along fabulously with the garter marler sweater and it has inspired my Christmas eve cast on!  By next week, I should have some finished things to show you. 

So that is that - if you celebrate, I wish you a fantastic Christmas day and by the next blog there will be a new year,  so happy new year to you all! 🥳🎉


  1. Happy Christmas Lucy. I hope you and your family have a fun filled day. I look forward to seeing what your Christmas week makes are. Liz x

  2. Merry Christmas to you and I look forward to seeing your finishes next Sunday.

  3. Hope you had a good day and a fun week ahead.