Sunday 15 March 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 37

Hmmm, it's been a bit of a week.  I hope everyone is staying safe and well.
We haven't done much this week apart from work and school.  Although having said that we did go out for a meal last night.
On the crafting front I have been plodding through two particularly.
My hat is coming along nicely!  I want it to be quite slouchy with a turned up brim, so there is a little way to go yet.
Since there is a way to go I decided I probably needed a little more yarn so I dug some other out from stash in a lovely grey.
I have also been making my way through my Like a Cloud.  Again I still have a way to go but they are both nice projects.
We will see what this week brings.  School is continuing at present so that NHS staff are able to keep working and not looking after children,  so hopefully that will continue for a while.
Hope everyone has a healthy and good week.


  1. The Like a Cloud cardi looks just like the name implies. I bet it will be so nice and warm and soft and cozy. All things a cardigan should be. The gray on the hat is quite nice. I too, like my hats slouchy and make them longer than usually called for. Stay healthy!

  2. The cardi is lovely. We need a pic of you wearing it when done. I do hope you keep well. Scary times.

  3. I love the hat and your color combo. The cloud does look like a cloud. I can just imagine how soft it is in person. It will make a lovely sweater! Stay safe and stay healthy. We are lucky to have the internet and online shopping if needed. My concern is for working families especially those who are just "making it". I pray for all!

  4. I love how your hat is looking, those colours together are lovely. Stay safe x

  5. Your slouchy hat looks great and so does your cardi. I am glad that so far things are stable (ish) here, although we are staying away from crowds, or meals out. Luckily my hubby is an awesome cook so I am happy to eat at home.

  6. Love your slouchy hat and your Like a Cloud really does look like a cloud. Have a safe week!

  7. I love those two colors together you're working into a hat. I'm glad that schools and many businesses are able to continue operating through the internet. I hope the measures taken here in the U.S. by our government will be of help to hurting families during this time. So many domino effects of trying to manage this virus...