Sunday 22 March 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 38

Ok, that escalated quickly.  Firstly, sorry if I didn't get to everyone's blog last week, but as we all know things changed pretty fast.  As a teacher in England we held the fort until Wednesday,  then were told the schools would be shutting from this monday.  Then in the early hours of Thursday morning my school informed us a parent had tested positive and so we closed immediately.   As you can possibly imagine this was quite traumatic, especially since we had also been told exams would be cancelled and we are unlikely to be back until september.  We didn't get to say goodbye and now we begin remote learning with students who don't know how they are going to progress to a levels or uni.   In England we also have to actually stay open to students who are vulnerable or have parents that are key workers, which is a great idea but poses it's own challenges.
On a positive, I have both boys at home now and we are seeing it as very exciting (at the moment) having me as there teacher!  We have many things planned and a big garden so we should be ok.
Anyway, I'm sure we all have our own tales of woe - I  hope everyone and your families are keeping well.  I do have some crafting and hopefully this is one area that might benefit.
I have an fo this week.   I finished my hat.
I went for a slouchy one this time and love it.  I shall be wearing it later while I start some gardening.
I have also progressed with Like a cloud but will show you next week.
We have also been baking this week.  No photos but we have done crumble, bread and cupcakes!  I will bring you updates next week.   We are also going out in the garden to prepare it!
Well I hope everyone has a good and safe week.


  1. Thanks for posting your news and taking care of yourself and your family and students. It's all so unknown, and I think that's almost as frightening as anything. But we'll hold up!

  2. Great hat. Love the slouch hat too. So glad to hear you are still well. Sounds like you have plenty of things scheduled to keep you and the boys busy. What will you be growing in your garden? I so miss vegetable gardening. But, I have no place to put one anymore. Baking is one of the things I love to do when staying home. I also love to eat all those maked goods. LOL Stay well, Lucy.

  3. Yes, I have other teacher friends and the shutdown happened so fast no time for goodbyes. But thank goodness for virtual connection via email, phone, texted, etc. Take care.

  4. I appreciate hearing how the virus has effected you (and schools) in the UK, Lucy. Having kids at home would bring such a difference to your days. I'm glad your boys are excited to have you as a teacher. Should be fun for you all. And I love your OPEN sign. lol

    I've been cooking and baking and eating things that aren't so good for us. I've called it comfort cooking. That needs to change, and really... it shouldn't be hard to be healthy when we have all the time in the world to do it in.

  5. Same here in that states for many. My daughter is a teacher and now teaching her own at home also. my lief as a reclusive retiree hasn't changed really but we shall see when i have to go to the store. Your hat is darling and the color looks really good on you. I have more seeds to plant here also. Back to the land! Enjoy your carfting and time with your family. Stay well!

  6. Hello Lucy, I've come to your blog from Mary-Anne's Breathing Life. With so many people trying to keep their children entertained and educated at home, there has been a lot of cooking and baking going on (and blogging of it). Maybe a 'silver lining' of home isolation will be a whole generation of young people who actually know how to cook! ;-)