Sunday 27 June 2021

A Year of Projects - Round Up


So there we are!  Another year goes by. I feel that despite the world's best efforts, I accomplished quite a lot this year.  Let's look at the list!

Finish Breathing Space - finished July 2020
Finish From Way Back - finished July 2020
Lacy shoulders tee - finished August 2020
Forest berry jacket - finished Christmas 2020
Antiquity blouse - finished May 2021
Christmas jumper for Daniel - in progress
Oare Water from John Arbon annual no. 2 - finished April 2020

Any! - I think I  may have only made one pair this year with another on the needles. 

Finish skirt - it's still at the same point - so it's back on the list!
Outfits for Christopher - I  made a few of these 
Market bag
Finish blanket - garter stitch blanket finished
Sunburst blanket - started the Battenberg blanket instead.
Cornhill scarf - completed October 2020

Curtains and bean bag for Thomas - finished
Circle skirt - finished
Olive - finished

I have actually completed a lot more sewing projects than are here, and my goal was to complete Me Made May.   I did this and posted everyday.

Other crafts

I did not get  to any other craft,  but they may reappear next year. 


  1. You had a busy year!! Your sweaters are terrific. I'm especially loving the purple one with the diagonal striping! Sewers amaze me. I'm so bad at sewing.

  2. I do love that purple sweater too. Such an interesting design! Your MeMadeMay was amazing - I used to sew a lot, but now my machine mostly just hems pants and mends holes. One day.

  3. I am always impressed with what all you accomplish, Lucy. And with this last year being so crazy, I really don't know how you do it. I enjoyed your MeMade wardrobe!

  4. Completing 5 sweater in one year is awesome. Your Antiquity and breathing space sweaters are my favorites. Probably because of their colors. I very much enjoyed your me made may posts again this year. You have very versatile pieces in your wardrobe. I don't know how you accomplish so much, Lucy. But enjoy seeing all you do.

  5. You have a fulltime job and finished all those garments and they weren't chunky/bulky yarn ones, so those on their own is a lot. I definitely remember really liking the yarn you used on a pair of socks this year. I think you should be feeling great about all you completed. I was really impressed with your me made May posts. Also you sewed some other things during the year not on your list (knickers) 😀