Sunday 4 July 2021

A Year of Projects - year 11 plans

 So, it's year 11.  I'm fairly sure this is my 8th year.  I have approached each year in a similar manner and this year is no exception!  I shall compose a list here and then I  will complete some items and deviate from the list on several occasions.  And that is fine!  This year I have decided to hold fire on choosing my sweater projects in advance as I always get distracted,  so my list is more concise at this point.

Again, this year, like the previous 2, my overall aim is to participate in Me Made May.   I was pretty successful this year, and I  would like to up my game again next year.

Initially I would like to base my list around outfits, and I have sketched some ideas here.


  • Sweaters
  • Four quarters  - started in June - Rav link
  • Redcurrant - Rav link 
  • Skirt - started ages ago!
  • Socks
  • Christmas jumper for Daniel - started in March
  • Christmas Dec's
  • Progress on Battenburg
  • More pants!
  • Two tiered skirt
  • 6446 dungarees 
  • Basic tees
  • Half circle skirt
  • Elastic waisted trousers 
  • Christmas crackers
  • Placemats 
Other crafts
I hope to do some embroidery this year and it would be lovely to get into the weaving kit that I purchased last year.
I would also like to generally be more sustainable in what I do - so trying to use every bit of material/yarn and try to reuse products in order to throw less away.

And there we have it.  Another year, another list!  Now to start making some of these things!  I can't wait to see what everyone else is planning (I'm sure to add to my list then!)


  1. A knitted top with a puffed shoulder, I haven’t seen a pattern like that before and it looks fabulous on the designer. Are you going with a deep colour like hers? I’m intrigued by sewn in Christmas crackers? The 4 quarters top looks very pretty. Your continued Me Made plans all look great. I too am trying to use every last scrap of yarn and reuse old bits and bobs in sewing. Soon you’ll have Me Made Year 😀

  2. LOVE your planned Redcurrant. That needs to go in my Favorites! Someone posted about filling clear Christmas ornaments with yarn clippings so I'm saving all my snips. I want to have a small tree with only knitted ornaments.

  3. The Four Quarters and Redcurrant patterns are quite intriguing. Both will make great additions to your 'me made' wardrobe. It seems many of us are trying to reduce, reuse and recycle our crafting supplies. I think the months we were under the pandemic lock down has opened our eyes as to what is truly important these days.

  4. You are an artist! Your sketches are magazine worthy! I really like the 4 quarters top and the the red currant. You have lots of plans as do I. The difference is you will probably accomplish yours whereas me....not so much. But I am getting to be a faster knitter. So glad you are back for another year!

  5. Wonderful plans! I have always wanted to be able to do Me Made May. I still have to learn how to sew though.

  6. Redcurrant is so cute. And who could resist dungarees? I'm really looking forward to seeing your projects come to life.

  7. I loved seeing your sketches. I am impressed with your ability to sew your own clothes that fit so well. Can't wait to follow your progress this coming YOP year!

  8. I love your sketches of ideas you want to create. I find your Me Made wardrobe really inspiring. Looking forward to see all you make this upcoming YOP year, Lucy!

  9. I love, love, love the illustrations you drew as part of your project planning. Seeing them this way will definitely help get those projects done! Lovely list!

  10. I'm super excited to see your makes and your outfits!