Saturday 24 July 2021

A surprising new project!

 Note:  I started writing this in the half term break at the start of June.

Second note:  We still haven't finished Daniel's bedroom!

We are getting Daniel's bedroom done at long last.  As a result, on Monday, I took down his cabin bed.  He has had it 7 to 8 years and whilst taking it apart I found all manner of things I had stowed around it, that were impossible to get to.  One of the things was a box of cuddly toys and in the bottom of that box I found this:

Now this is a doll my mum made for me and I can't have been very old.  So I think she must be at least 38 years old.

I have, therefore,  made her my new project.

Yesterday I carefully sewed up two breaks (not rips as I believe I was pretending to be a doctor when I purposely made them!)  I also put a bit more stuffing in her.

Today I put her through a wash in the machine - just a gentle wool wash, which has taken the worst of the dirt off of her, but there were several stains that remained.

I had a go with vinegar and sodium bicarbonate which helped on her face, but the ones on her arms and legs were quite stubborn.

So I have now used a stain remover on her arms and legs and then will wash her again by hand to remove traces of the cleaners.

Her clothes were in good condition, apart from needing a wash and stabilising some seams, all but her pants are fine to go back on her.  The pants are beyond repair so I shall knit her some new ones!

I did all of that although when washing by hand I found the water coming out was a very dirty brown and actually started to makthe whole stain situation worse!  So I finished with a bought stain remover, which did a good job.  I have then reknit both pants and skirt, to give us what we have today.

I think you will agree she looks much better and ready to face the next 38 years!


  1. Amazing. She looks so grand now.

  2. She looks so smart now. Hope she does last well into old age.

  3. Dolly cleaned up real good. And I'm so glad she got some fresh pants. :) Hopefully she lives a nice long(er) life. What a treasure.