Sunday 25 July 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 4

 And now we breathe!!  We havd got to thd summer holidays.   Albeit with ten last days self isolating.  I quite enjoy working from home on the quiet, but I always work far more hours than I would at school, and so have much less time crafting than I would like.

It's been ridiculously hot for some of the week as well which doesn't help - we are lucky that we have a lovely garden, but it's been too hot to sit in for some days!  Anyhow,  I have one FO.

I give you sparkly summer socks!  Not the best photo, but the weather,  of course, is not playing ball today.

I have also made some progress on my skirt.

I am knitting this with Travelknitter yarn in Uluru, and will later add zig zags in other colours.  I have also put in the elastic waistband to give me a bit more motivation!

I  also totally got inspired/enabled by Lisa Comfort at Sew over it and their new dress pattern - Esma.

Of course I had to buy yhe pattern and some material from Minerva immediately!  She is doing a sewalong on Wednesday/Thursday which is perfect, so I will join in - hopefully I will have a new dress by next update!

And that is pretty much all that has happened this week!  Hope everyone has a good and safe week. 


  1. Those are great socks! I look forward to seeing the dress too I love that style of dress. Can you really make a dress up that quickly?

  2. Glad to hear your isolation is over and you are well.

    It's been incredibly hot where I am as well so my crafting had to be limited and done only with the AC on!

    I can't wait to see your dress ... I could never make a one that fast!

  3. Great idea about the dress sewalong. Now we'll be looking for it!

  4. LOVE your socks. They do look summery. That is such the truth that work takes over when you work from home. It's great to save the commute but the feeling of being "on" 24/7 is a huge negative.

  5. Cute socks. They look so comfy and light enough for summer weather. That Esma dress is very pretty. It will be fun to see if you can do it in a week. Love the color of your skirt too. Reminds me of fall leaves.

  6. Yay for end of isolation and for summer! I think I missed you were knitting a skirt. I love the colour. Cute socks. Shortie socks are the best!

  7. Fun, summery socks! I hope the weather quiets down a bit for you soon. I'm excited to see your sewing project!

  8. Yay for the holidays at last, your socks look cute hopefully in the sun they sparkle. A dress project seems ideal for summer making and hopefully wearing.

  9. What great progress! I think sewing the elastic waist will definitely be a motivator! Sometimes the thought of doing the simple finishing is more daunting than all the knitting!