Sunday 20 October 2013

Year of Projects Update

Had a week off last week - it has got so busy at school I ran out of time all round, but there is only one week to go to half term so the end is in sight.
My hubby has been away this weekend in Spain watching football, so I have had a bit of time to do some extra knitting in between entertaining the boys!!

I have been continuing with Morticia and have been just about keeping up - am nearly finished with clue three, so should be ready for the forth and last clue on Tuesday.

Also suddenly realised last week that time is coming along and the boys need hats for the 5th November.  So set to knitting the Strib hats I had picked out for them.  They were very easy and both are now done - I have got a basic mitten pattern that I will do for them as well in the same colours.

I have not made any progress on the crocodile scarves or stripey scarf, but will do these when I have finished Morticia.

Hope everyone is well 


  1. Your Morticia is looking fantastic, things have gotten so busy with me I didn't get back to it but I will and it's going to be fab. Love the hats, I knit those for my children last winter and it was such a great pattern and I love the colours you used.

  2. The shawl looks really pretty! I'm usually not a fan of pink, but it definitely works with lace!

  3. Handsome boys and love how they're smiling for their mama in that pic and are wearing their hats proudly. Good for you on including yarn in your life with a busy schedule as a teacher. Morticia looks great and the beads really show.

  4. Still loving Morticia! The hats look amazing and your boys seem to love them! They will be so warm and hansome with those hats and matching mittens! Great job mom! ;-)

  5. Those are cheeky grins on those boys - so cute with their hand knit hats :)
    Morticia is gorgeous. Your beads really pop!