Sunday 13 March 2016

A Year of Projects Update - Week 37

Yay, I have a FO!
I finished Hitofude and I love it.  I loved knitting it (I love a bit of lace!) and I love the yarn.  I wasn't totally sure if the shape of it would suit me, but I think it does.

I love this yarn and I have been quite saddened this week by the news that Mel (of Mellifera yarn) is stopping dying (I thought she might be as she has not updated for a while).  I know there are lots of others but I did love this yarn!!  I did indulge in some of her last skeins and she sent a bonus skein, I have yet to take photos but I'm sure I will soon, I can assure you they are lovely!
As a result of finishing this, I have not made much progress on the other projects.  I have finished one of Daniel's socks and am in the middle of the heel turn on my socks.  Again, hopefully, I will be able to post more progress next week.
I thought I would check the list!  It's been a while.
WIP's and Deadlines
  • Christmas jumper - timetable is here - hope to finish by Christmas (2016!)
  • Socks  - I aim to complete 6 pairs this year - Hector - finished July - I want to do the Rachel Coopey MKAL, Otis and Jesse
  • Rhombing Around - finished December 
  • Outfit A Long - Vianne by Andi Sutterland and Megan by Tilly Walnes - finished August 2nd
  • Second chance frog cowl - made with my frogged yarn from my cardi - finished
  • Test knit - for Celtic Knits - Finished September 
  • Test knit - for Jenni Santopietro - Finished November
  • Test knit for Betsy - finished December 
  • Hitofude - self indulgent KAL
  • Bracken - Anything Goes KAL
Projects for me - knitting
  • From Way Back - mellifera yarn
  • Hitofude - Mellifera yarn - finished March 11th
  • Samantha
  • Miranda - Sweater using Madelinetosh Pashmina worsted
  • Wind Wave by Jo Allport form The Knitter magazine
  • Drumcliff - vest from The Knitter magazine
  • Byeline - by Jimenez Joseph
  • Waving Lace Top - Joji Locatelli - finished January 
  • Worsted Boxy - Joji Locatelli
  • Bracken - top by Katya Frankel
Projects for me and the boys - sewing
  • Pyjama bottoms for me
  • Coco top
  • Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger Crafts - third finished 17th Ocober
  • Outfit Along - Megan by Tilly Walnes
  • Knickers!!
  • PE bags - Finished
  • Pencil cases - Finished
Gift knitting
  • Quilted owl for mum
  • Sun hat for Daniel - finished February
  • Rainbow hat for Daniel - finished August 11th
  • Ongoing swatch baby blanket - yarn bought - patterns from Lets Knit
Products to develop
  • Hot water bottle covers - Finished November 
  • Furry hats - started July 25th
  • Hat and bootie sets - finished November 
Techniques to learn
  • Double knitting - September - now to do some socks
  • Quilting
Finished Projects


  1. Your Hitofude is just gorgeous! Suits you perfectly and is a great colour that will go with everything. The list is looking great so much already crossed off and a few bits still left to carry you through the remaining weeks. I was just thinking of YOP 6 this morning and what might go on the list!

  2. Hitofude is gorgeous and it looks like it fits and suits you very nicely. Love the yarn and Ruth's right, that'll go with everything from blue jeans to a business suit :)

  3. Your Hitofude is beautiful -- and it fits perfectly! It will be a pleasure to wear!

  4. Oh the Hitofude is prettier than I even imagined. What a beautiful thing to be able to wear this spring!

  5. Love the Hitofude. Great color too. Your list is looking pretty good and I expect there will be more marked off by the end of this year 5.

  6. Love the Hitofude. Great color too. Your list is looking pretty good and I expect there will be more marked off by the end of this year 5.

  7. so pretty, I love the colour too :)