Sunday 24 December 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 25

 Happy Christmas to all who celebrate and hope you have a great holiday if not.

I have had a lovely relaxing week.  I have worked on several projects and I  think I am ready for tomorrow!

I made progress on my Tolsta tee

I am making good progress on the body, you never know,  it may be finished before the end of the holiday.

I finished my socks.  I cannot remember how long I have had these on the needles  - they are made from an unknown sock blank.

Sorry about the photos!  I have been prepping veg and turkey all day and now it is dark!

I wanted to get these off the needles so I might be able to start a Christmas eve cast on and perhaps take part in the 24 socks in 24 being run by Dandelion and Dogwood.  I do not anticipate being able to do all 24, but am going to have a go!  I have wound my yarn for the first pair and will cast on after dinner.

The yarn is from Eden Cottage and was from their super secret seasonal stash box from a few years back.

Other than this, I have been working on the garden which I did a separate post for.  I have started to dig over the vegetable/flower plot.  Hopefully, I will be able to do a bit more before we go back to school, but we shall see.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and relaxing new year.


  1. The tee is so close to being done. I like the mix of solid stripes with the variegated main color. The socks look warm. Best wishes for you 24 socks. I wouldn't know what to do with so many socks since my sons and hubby won't wear my "too hot" knitted socks.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas. My sock drawer is rammed to capacity so 24 socks sounds a lot…is it 24 pairs or just 12 pairs. Hope you have a lot of knit-worthy family and friends. Best of luck it. Our garden and borders are flooded and muddy now from all the rain, even the dog won’t go on the grass to wee because it’s so wet. If this had all fallen as snow it would have been so much more exciting.

  3. Your sweater is going to be finished soon and it is lovely with all the different colors. I do the Christmas Eve cast on also....but although I need more socks I think i would not be able to do 24....not even 12 unless that is all I did. good luck on that one and Merry Christmas to you and your family!