Sunday 17 December 2023

A Year of Projects - week 24

 We have broken up!  It's been a hard term, so this is a very welcome break.

I've made progress on my Tolsta tee this week, and have split for the sleeves.  It's now just round and round for a while.  No photos this week as it is too dark!

I have also done a few rows on the Hitchenbrook and a few rounds on a sock I found!

We went to Glow Wild at a local garden on Friday night which was magical and I do have a few photos of that!

Today I spent a good few hours in our garden.  I have somewhat neglected it this year.  We had three big trees in the garden - two fell in the last 5 years and we were left with one which was starting to rot.  We had a company over to quote for felling it, but it was so expensive we couldn't afford it.  So for the past 18 months I have been constantly worrying about it falling which has really put me off spending time outside.  Anyway, a few weeks ago, next door had a few trees cut down and I spoke to the guy.  He agreed to do it as part of his training - as a tree surgeon!  Short story is that the tree is now gone and I feel so different about the garden and have grand plans for this year!  There is a lot of tidying to do right now, but I can hopefully put in a few hours this holiday and start to get it ready for next year.

And that is my week.  I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Glow wild looks like it was spectacular. How nice to have a sickntree removed so you can enjoy the outdoors again.

  2. Thank goodness you were able to get the tree removed. The garden tour looks like it must have been fun.

  3. Glad you will be able to get out and enjoy your garden again. It is extremely expensive to have them cut down. Sadly that's a cost of us living in the middle of the woods. Enjoy your break.

  4. What a cool garden display in Glow Wild! So happy you were able to get the tree taken down and now you can enjoy your garden once again. Enjoy your "break up" and your handwork!