Sunday 26 November 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 21

 Nearly didn't remember the post today!  No particular reason, just the day got away from me.

I have been making a bit of progress - yesterday I got a bit carried away and made a new Christmas outfit for Christopher. 

He is feeling quite festive!

I have also made a little progress on Golden Grass. 

I will be running out of yarn before the end but that is fine - I quite fancy a quadrilateral!

I have also cut out and started to sew a dress.  It is the first for a long time, I will be making with the machine, but it is stretch material and that is slightly easier with the machine - I will finish it by hand.  Hopefully  it may be finished next week.

Tomorrow we have our annual Christmas shopping day and me and Daniel will be going into London to visit the Christmas markets - we can't wait!

I should have a few pics next week - I  hope everyone has a good one!


  1. Oh what a fun idea for Christmas shopping. I hope you find lots of fun presents. Christopher looks dashing.

  2. How fun to go to London for a shopping spree. I have gotten to the age where online shopping is my jam lol. The Golden Grass looks so squishy. It will be very welcome this winter. Christopher's new clothes are perfect for a Christmas.

  3. Christopher looks adorable!