Sunday 10 January 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 28

 Ok, so this week did not go quite to plan!  We were put back into lockdown on Monday and schools all had to switch to remote learning.  They also cancelled our summer exams.  This lead to an interesting week comprising rethinking schemes of work, planning new lessons and thinking ahead to what was going to happen to all of our exam classes.  Anyway,  we made it through the week!

I did do some knitting on most of my projects.   I did some on both blankets, but you can't really tell, so I  will post a picture next week when there is more progress. 

I did do some rounds on both my socks and sweater.

I ordered a special box for my rainbow socks! And I've done a few rounds using yarn from Kate Selene. 

I also completed a few rounds on my Oare Water sweater.  
 I am using yarnadelic yarn by John Arbon Textiles. 
So I've finished all of the school work that I  had to do today, and now intend to do some knitting!  Hope you all have a good week. 


  1. The Oare Water sweater is looking rather delicious! ��

  2. Really like the color of your socks. Your jumper already looks warm and cozy. So sorry you are back on lockdown. This virus is really causing havoc everywhere.

  3. My daughter went through the same thing; out of class and then in class. IT's not easy to change over very quickly like that. I love your new yarns and projects!

  4. I watched the news this evening with the Surrey cases and make shift morgues and I’m so glad they finally closed the schools. At least no commute means more knitting time hopefully. Take care

  5. Oh my - lockdown already - but that is good because no need to take risks with the numbers rising. I can imagine the workload is high with all the remote lesson planning - I have to admit I am glad I am a retired teacher and do not have to deal with this. I am happy you still got some crafting in. Well done. Take care and have a good week.