Sunday 28 June 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 52 - year review

Well what a year it has been?  Here in the south east of England we had the most rain we had seen for a decade,  followed by wind which brought one of our big trees down and, of course followed by a global pandemic which has brought the world to a standstill, but has brought the black lives matter movement to the forefront and perhaps this time, the world is listening.

On a much more superficial level, I  have completed quite a number of projects.
This was my list from last year.

OAL - finish number 1 - dress ready - Vianne to finish
OAL - finish number 2 - dress ready - Sanctuary to finish
Colours of fall KAL - Faience
Enchanted Mesa
Daniel's Christmas jumper
Sock arms


sock arms


like a cloud

So in this group I finished some of these, but added several different ones - some of which were sweaters that have been on the list for a while - I'm looking at you epistrophy!

Stripey socks - finish
Shorty socks - have some on the needles at all times!
Chai latte socks
Clark socks
I haven't knit quite as many socks this year  as I have focused mainly on sweaters.

Bottle carrier
Continue sock yarn blanket
Ok - so I  only did one of these,  but I  did make Christopher  who I think classifies as frivolous!

Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper theory
Trousers and shorts using Tilly and the Buttons Margot pattern
Dodgy bag to recycle my jeans
Again, not actually completed many of these, but have completed other sewing projects instead.

Other crafts
Candle making
Improve my photography skills for next Me Made May
I have been doing other crafts, just not necessarily  these!
candle making


more gardening!


more baking!

And there we have it!  A summary of last YOP year's Projects.  
And so we move to the next years year of projects and I for one, can't wait!  Next week I shall show you my plans for the year ahead.


  1. I bow down to your ability to record your many projects. And to plan a new year of them. I have to see what's next for you.

  2. You made so many sweaters this past year. Amazing. Those seem to take the most time to make. Well some shawls do too.Christopher is just adorable and even though frivolous, it is just darn fun to have.

  3. I remember each of these things as I read through your post, but I'm surprised that they all happened in this past YOP year. You have to be the most prolific garment knitter I know! Your sweaters are all so pretty and seem perfectly suited to you. And I love seeing the bunny again. What a sweet project that was. And you fit in gardening, bread baking and drawing, too! I love the variety of creative things you've got going on, Lucy. :)

  4. It’s amazing you managed to complete so many jumpers and cardigans and you have a full time job. They are all lovely but seeing epistrophe and sock arms again remind me how good they look. I love the bunny though so it’s nice getting to see him again. I plan to make a denim bag with my husbands old jeans...he has another pair with a whole in now so I’m wondering if I hold off for that pair too. Did you have a pattern in mind for yours?

  5. Look at all those sweaters! I am impressed as they are a labour of Love for sure. You have been very varied in your gifts this year with the gardening and the baking and the candle making as well as the knitting. Thank you for sharing your year with us.

  6. Lucy, you are amazing as I know I have said many times. Having a family and a full time job and now COVID and home do you do it all? Plus, the gardening and your yummy baking! All your sweaters and your "outfits" are just gorgeous. Sweaters take time and look at all of them. No matter what goals you set for yourself you always achieve them! Like I said....amazing! I love all your little critters you made...too cute! You are another inspiring role model and I hope to do more this year and get some "me made" projects done too! So glad you are part of this group! I can't wait to see your plans for this next year! So exciting!!! Take care and stay well!
    P.S. I totally agree with your thoughts on Black Lives Matter too!

  7. Wow, what I a great year! Your Sanctuary sweater is especially stunning. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next year!

  8. You are so talented! Looking at your portrait drawing makes me wonder if you had formal art're really good. And I love the photo of carrots with dirt on them still!