Sunday 5 July 2020

A Year of Projects - Year 10 Opening Post

Year 10!  Who'd have thought it?  For most in the Year of Projects group, this is the start of the year  where we present our plans for the next year.
I thought about doing something different this year... but I love a list, even if I don't stick to it!  So what are my plans for this year?

Finish Breathing Space
Finish From Way Back
Lacy shoulders tee
Forest berry jacket
Antiquity blouse
Christmas jumper for Daniel


Finish skirt
Outfits for Christopher
Market bag
Finish blanket
Sunburst blanket

Curtains and bean bag for Thomas
Circle skirt

My overall goal, as it has been for a few years, is to participate in Me Made May - this year didn't exactly happen so next year I would like to make a real effort to take part and record each day.

Other crafts

And that, as they say, is that!  I'm sure I  shall deviate completely,  but that is the plan to start with!
Do make sure you check the other posts in the group to see what we have


  1. I LOVE the simplicity, freshness and look of the sunburst blanket very much. The Norwegian designs look very retro and I like that look, reminds me of the lady who won the sewing bee. What are minikins? When I first read it I misread Mankini hahaha. I’ve tagged notify me, so that I can check back for the answer. Best of luck with your projects for the year ahead and achieving your Me Made May goals.

    1. Thank you! I have updated and linked to minikins now! They are some tree ornaments along with freeze by Tincan knits.

  2. Your Antiquity and Forest Berry sweaters are exquisite! The minikins are so cute. I definitely want to sew more this year although any sewing would be more! LOL! The Sunburst blanket is already in my favorites too. Where is your art work? Me Made May sounds intriguing and you got a lot done last year. Good luck and enjoy all your wonderful plans!

  3. I think your list is certainly on point. I look forward to seeing your finishes this year. That forest Berry Jacket is just another reason I need to get back on the knitting bandwagon!Thanks for getting us started and for sharing your list with us.

  4. Great list. Not too big and not too small. But, it is so much fun to deviate every now and then. I love that Antiquity blouse. What a stunning item. Please make it so I can watch it come to life.

  5. That list looks totally doable! Wishing you luck on Me Made next May - I am sure you will rock it.

  6. Those Minikins are adorable. I'm thinking of Christmas in July with my daughter this year to try and get a jump on our giftmaking.

  7. Lucy, I love the new projects you've chosen. Some are downright beautiful, and some are adorable and fun. I look forward do seeing what comes off your needles and hooks in YOP Year 10!

  8. Looks like a great list. That Antiquity sweater is absolutely beautiful.

  9. I cannot even envision this level of organization. I am so impressed!