Sunday 12 July 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 2

Well generally this week has been much the same as the previous 12!  However, in terms of Year of Projects, last week was my plan and the week previous to that was the round up of the year.  So that means I have about a month worth of progress to share with you.
I have quite a lot, so I'm going to share my finished objects this week and wips next week. I have also updated the YOP page with a couple of things!  Already!  One item to cross off and two things that I  have added.  I'm not a shawl person, but I was watching Eden Cottage yarns podcast and she was wearing a delightful scarf which I just had to get yarn for and buy the pattern.  So that is added to the list.  I was also reading the annual no. 2 from John Arbon and a sweater in there took my fancy.  I can't link it but will take a pattern pic when I  cast on.
So to my FOs.
First up is my From Way Back, knit in Gilliatt by de rerum natura. 
This is knit from stash and the buttons are also from stash so it feels quite virtuous!
Secondly, I  started and finished an outfit for Christopher!
I wanted to give him a summer outfit so I did a swimsuit, hat and towel.
In addition to this I also have some sewing FO's
I finished some French knickers having sewn the knickers a month ago.   I used an old pillowcase and some lacy ribbon and created these.
I didn't have a pattern, these are self drafted.
And finally,  I finished a dress I had nearly finished anyway, I just had to finish the hem and bias binding on the sleeves and neckline.


  1. A busy few weeks. Well your bunny is absolutely adorable. I liked your first one, but this one in his very smart swim suit and matching towel wins the day. What a cheery item to have in the house. Congratulations on finishing the cardigan using deep stash and knickers using a pillow case, those and your new dress will be great towards next Me Made May.

  2. wow, you ARE putting me to shame, so much work done! That red dress must be my favourite, I really love the contrasting bias binding, I can't "see" colour combinations in my head, so I would have never come up with this pairing, which is gorgeous!

    But in fact all your FO's look great, what a week!

  3. What great progress! I love the style of your sweater. I imagine you'll receive lots of compliments when you wear it.
    Your Bunny does look very beach ready, how fun, I think I'd like to join him on his beach trip! What a great idea to make knickers from a pillow case, that's really using your stash and they look so cute. The dress looks comfortable and ready for a summer day. You've finished some very sensible projects this week, Congrats to you!

  4. I love the sweater and the bunny ♥ I am going to go look up more about the sweater - it might go on my list to make!

  5. So many finishes. That is so grand. The sweater is so cute and those buttons................smashing! Christopher's swimsuit is too cute. He looks quite ready for the beach. The French knickers are so sweet with the lace trim. Your dress is pretty. I like the contrasting color of the bias binding on the neck and sleeves.

  6. Great progress! I so love the buttons on your From Way Back. Christopher looks great in his swimsuit, he definitely has the ears to go with it. ;-) You are so courageous to sew knickers without a pattern! Learning to draft patterns is on my list of "some day maybe" but I've yet to gather the courage.

  7. I was feeling so good because I had 1 finish and it was a small one! LOL! Look at you! I love your sweater and those buttons are fab. Christopher's beach outfit is darling! Love the knickers and the dress is so cute. You'll look good in that color. I better get put me to shame! LOL!
    Oh, i didn't know Eden Cottage yarns had a podcast. I'll be looking her up to watch it as I love her yarns. Have a great week!

  8. Lucy, your From Way Back cardigan is so cute! What a great addition to your wardrobe. And I love those buttons. And Christopher's additional wardrobe peice makes him look ready for summer! :) Your knickers and dress look pretty - and comfy. You've been a productive girl! Can't wait to see your WIPs next week.

  9. Love love love the swimsuit and towel outfit for the bunny.