Sunday 4 January 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 27

Despite loving Christmas, I love the new year - a new start and all that!

To that end I have joined a group of bloggers to fight the stash (of patterns mainly but I hope to fight the stash of yarn as well).  It marries up with the year of projects and my own project wo.  If you would like to join us, it is hosted by snapdragon crafts.

I haven't got lots of projects to show this week, in fact, the only one I've worked on is Raspberry tart - I'm getting there!

 Oh and I sewed up my booties!

I am going to be fairly monogamous now to finish this, but to get the year off to a productive start I have bagged up my next few projects (from 'the list', from the Ravelry library and the project wo) ready to get going on.

The next two will be the new year sock mystery KAL and then the bag for the wedding.

So that is it for this week - if you like the idea then join us at YOP.


  1. Just read up on your WO luck! Lovely projects today..The Raspberry tart is coming along nicely...

  2. Raspberry Tart is really coming along nicely, you'll be finished it in no time especially if it's the only one (I'm finding this out myself lol) Great idea on bagging up the next projects it will the cut out the delay between finishing and starting.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the design element on the front of the sweater. Congrats on working on reducing your stash (patterns and yarn). I hope it goes well for you. It is a tough thing to do but I am sure you will manage it just fine.

  4. Oh my gosh...I joined the love your library group too! Fun! You're getting organized with your projects and that's what I am doing before I start out on the 2nd half of YOP. I love the sweater. It turning out so nice! Your WO project is a big one but if anyone can do can! Love the little booties! So sweet!
    Have a great productive week!

  5. My eyes drink in that Tart's color reach time you flash it. It reminds me of Icees. The baby booties are darling, especially the accent buttons.

  6. Look at your projects and yummy yarn! Smart idea bagging stuff up...

  7. My goodness you are organized! I need some lessons. Raspberry Tart is looking gorgeous and almost finished by the looks of it. The yarn for your socks is lovely too. Here's to a productive fiber week....

  8. Raspberry tart is looking great, and those booties are just adorable!!

    I like the idea of the stash busting and even though I often read that blog I'd totally missed it. Will have to head over there to have a look. :)