Sunday 13 May 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 46

We have had a birthday weekend here this week!  Daniel is 7 today, can't believe it was 7 years ago!
I have no FO's this week.  But I now have a few WIP's. 
My Quiet Stars by Joji Locatelli is coming along nicely.  The lace is nice and easy to remember and so now it's just a lot of back and forth.
I also made a little progress on my summer shortie socks.  This is the hot air balloon colourway by Little French Meadow. 
I also cast on a market bag with my left over Lyonese yarn, which is a linen blend by Blacker.
Later this week I also intend to cast on some mitts for Daniel.  My drawing challenge is coming along, I will try to put some pics together for next week.

Other than that we are going bowling in a little while and then will be having a birthday roast dinner and cake.  Daniel wanted to help with the cake so he added sprinkles and I needed help getting the Kit Kat fingers to the right length!
Hope everyone has a lovely week.


  1. I tried to comment earlier and my pc or the internet is acting quite strange and very slow today. I'll try again. I forgot what a talented cake maker and decorator you cute and Happy Birthday to Daniel. It sounds like a wonderful celebration! I love the sock yarn and I am so wanting to cast on some socks and more. Your Joji sweater is really coming along and look at all your lovely stitch markers! Have a great party and a great week!

  2. Happy Birthday to Daniel! What a fun cake. My favorite part would be eating all the bits of the Kit Kat fingers that had to be cut off. ;^) My Quiet Stars looks great, Lucy!

  3. Your cake is darling. What fun project to do with your son. Seven is such a wonderful age. I loved those elementary-school years. Good for you for putting so much joy into your time with your boys.
    Joji is such a great designer, isn't she? And she is just darling on her podcast.

  4. Have fun bowling. That is what we often did for family birthdays. I love the cake - very cool idea.