Sunday 1 February 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 31

I don't think there is anything new this week, just progress on WIP's.
The socks are so nearly finished I can hardly bear it!!  There are a couple of flaws, but they are for me and this is my hobby!!  Items for the stall and gifts are a different matter - they should be perfect, but things I have made for myself, to learn a new skill, or simply because I wanted the item, I deal with some imperfections!!  I am not answering anyone by the way - I think I wanted to square it with myself!
 Some asked about the Fleegle heel.  This is is the first time I have done one and I really liked it - it was very easy (when I wasn't distracted by a 3 year old!), it looks a little strange but most people in the KAL found it fit very well, as soon as I am finished I will try them and judge!!  The tutorial for the heel is here.

Abate is progressing, I have separated for the sleeves and making my way through the body.

The second photo is a slightly better representation of the colour - less pink.
I have made no progress on my Fragile Heart, so no photo there!
For more posts see the Year of Projects group on Ravelry here
Hope you all have a lovely week :-)


  1. Those socks are beautiful! I've never tried a fleegle heel - can you believe it! - but I'm going to have a look!

  2. Those socks are really very pretty looking and will be done in no time.

  3. They are looking great! Can't wait to see them finished and on your feet...

  4. Terrific progress has been made this week.

  5. Terrific progress has been made this week.

  6. he socks are looking great! I agree, for myself : who cares for a little mistake? Its my little secret LOL

  7. The socks look beautiful, and I have a similar attitude to those little imperfections - who cares, when it's for yourself in particular! And most of the time nobody notices it anyway.

  8. You are way beyond me in the sock knitting! They are so lovely with the yarn and the pattern going perfectly together. Your abate is so pretty and you are really moving along with it.