Sunday 29 March 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

A little more progress this week.
I have knit a few more rounds of Abate.  Hope to get this finished over the next two weeks.  And having turned the heel of my socks, I am making my way along the foot.

I knit a few more rounds of Aiken. I hope to finish the body over the next two weeks.  I am hoping to finish this quite soon as I have been obsessing over a sweater on Ravelry that I really want to start. Mind you, it's not been published yet, but should be any day now.  It's called Rhombing around and is by Le Maison Rilili.  The test knits are gorgeous and I have some sport in stash....

When I was in London, I saw loads of dresses with crystal details on the neckline.  So I bought a necklace, took it apart, embellished it and have incorporated it into the neckline of my dress.

Also, decided to bake today - some Easter cakes for the boys and coffee cake for me and my husband. We are all off this week so will need cake!!


  1. We all need cake in our lives, lol 😊Great idea with the dress.

  2. Gosh, I've been good all day and now I feel like cake! Don't suppose the planned salad supper will do the trick! Aiken looks so lovely! And how nice to have some motivation to finish ...

  3. Very cool what you did with the dress! Love the roses fabric. My daughter was off last week in Iowa so we were on the phone m ore than usual! LOL! The cakes look so yummy! My sweet tooth is calling! Your sweaters are lovely and especially the gray one with the intricate detail at the neck. Enjoy your week!

  4. Ooh. What is Easter cake? I will have to look that up on Pinterest. I love how you just go for the garment projects. And look at your bad, clever self with that necklace. It's pretty and goes perfectly with your floral dress.

  5. Oh what a lovely addition to your dress! I never would have thought of that. I sure wish I could taste your cakes as I love to eat sweets, but I don't like the actual baking of them! I sure like your sweater--it is coming along beautifully and makes me want to cast on a sweater for myself!
    Happy Spring and Easter....

  6. Good progress on the socks, I really like them. And I seriously like the look of that dress and the details you added with the necklace bits & pieces! Nothing like wanting to start something new to get you moving on existing projects, is there ;-)

  7. Fantastic progress on the projects and my goodness, those cakes look delicious!

    Great idea with the beads on the dress - may have to try that sometime...