Tuesday 10 March 2015

Project WO - an update

I haven't updated on this project for a little while as there has been little progress.  But over he last few weeks I have made strides.
I changed my mind on the pattern for the dress, as I made a Coco
I really enjoyed the pattern and it was so easy to follow, I decided a Coco was the way to go.  So I purchased some lovely fabric from Minerva Crafts, which still goes with the colour of the shawl.

And so having laundered the fabric last weekend, I made up the dress this weekend.  And here it is..

I am very happy with it - I made it slightly longer than the pattern and obviously with shorter sleeves. I made one mistake, putting the sleeve on the wrong way which required unpicking, but I have seen them do that on the sewing bee, so I know even the best do it!!  At the moment I have omitted pockets because I thought the pattern was enough but I may change my mind - I will look at others on Pinterest!
So the next stage - I have not one but two knicker making kits, so I think I will have a go at these!  I need to finish the shawl, and then I'm even contemplating a fascinator!
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  1. Lovely dress - love the fabric choice. The shawl looks like it will be beautiful. I am a really fan of grey/blue colours.

  2. *wrinkled brow* I thought I had commented on the last post? Anywho... this fabric is refreshing and perfect for spring. I can see it worn with a skinny, brown leather belt. I think it'll be fun with a fascinator.

  3. lovely fabrics you chosen and the lacy knitting is beautiful!

  4. How fun to make a dress for yourself. Love the Springy fabric you have chosen. It looks good on you.
    xx Beca

  5. I love the print you chose. You can't see it in the picture of the second dress, but I imagine it has the same neckline as the first one? It's a really nice neckline.

  6. Your dresses are beautiful. I love the rose print and your shawl looks so pretty, too.

  7. I think your dress looks amazing comfy :)
    Knickers - that sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing the progress on them!