Sunday 1 March 2015

Year of Projects Update - week 35

My word, another week flies by!

Last weekend I knit a whole sock in one day!!  Grant you, it was in worsted weight, but still it's a whole sock!

It is a plain vanilla sock knitted in Mellifera Yarn in vamp - gorgeous.  I have started the second but have got a little distracted.

By what, you may ask?  Well, I've cast on Aiken and made good progress on that.  Notes are on my project page.

I got a new commission on Monday, so I started work on that - two pairs of wristwarmers.

And I received the material to make another Coco for the wedding - it's washed and dried - just needs to be ironed and I can start cutting.  I think the shawl will still go with it.

Think that's about it - to read more, check out the year of projects group here on Ravelry.


  1. Well done for completing a sock in one day! Super fast knitting. Liking the colour of the socks as well.

  2. Yahoo! You are amazing! I'd like to try a worsted weight yarn for socks. I did one awhile back (a pair..2 socks) and I like them. I love the yarn you pretty and the sweater and yarn and shawl....oh la la! You really are Superwoman! But I won't tell.

  3. A whole sock in a day? Head Explodes!!! Love the colour. Aiken also looks very, very pretty!

  4. Oi! You've got a busy week ahead! LOVE the red for those socks...a sock a day IS impressive! Love the look of all the other goodies...and looking forward to seeing them all done!