Sunday 13 April 2014

Year of Projects Update

I have made much progress this week!!

I have made progress on the poncho for Lily, but not finished yet.

I finished Miss Winkle and here she is on the only model I could find!!

I made my skirt, and a pegbag.  The skirt isn't brilliant - hence photo of small bit(!!) and I may never wear it, but I did it and I know better for next time.

I have been making various flower brooches and want to do a few more - I especially like the fabric one, but my pinterest inspiration this week will be for these to turn into keyrings.
                                          Amigurumi | Owl - Mr. Murasaki | Free Pattern & Tutorial at - Part 2
This is not mine, I hasten to add - but I would like to make something like this and I think it would be easy to adapt to a minion!

                                          David Textiles - Blue Angry Birds Float On Flannel - cotton fabric - I'm going to make the boys pj's!!

My next foray into sewing will be some pjs for the boys - I have the fabric and this forms the basis of my second pin - the fabric!

Also, (can I fit in more? - yes, I'm on holiday!) I was inspired by Supertinks 2 weeks ago, who said she was working on her new list.  So, I started thinking about mine - a few ideas have come together and some project bags have been assembled!

Finally, I have realised if I ever want to sell anything I will have to get more arty with my photography!!  So here is my first real attempt at arty!!  As you can see the sun is shining so we are off out to enjoy the spring weather - going to Tilgate Park near where we live to visit the animals.  Have a lovely day and week!


  1. Love your miss winkle! And the model is pretty fabulous ;)

    Artsy photos are fun to experiment with... I have been thinking of artsy ways to photo my sweater when I finish it!

  2. I too love your Miss Winkle and your model is super cute. You got a great amount done for your week and I love the new pins. I've been assembling my list also for next year, I love the planning stage.

  3. Miss Winkle looks lovely. Your little model looks very pleased with it too, so good luck getting it back :)

    I love your arty photos. The purses are so darling!

  4. Miss Winkle is definitely on my list for next years YOP. Where do you find those cute models? He's darling! I too would like to do something to make some "moolah" if only to afford yarn for more projects and fabric too! I slipped this week as Spring just got the better of me....mower man, taxes, allergies, weather warnings every other day; hot then cold. It's been a crazy Spring so far yet I am enjoying it more than usual too. I need to get back to "picking my pins" and working on them.
    I love your skirt and I bet it's darling! And your photos are "artsy"......where did you learn? I need to learn more about taking good photos and how.
    Your purses are really pretty and the little owl...great idea and so cute. I need to find my "niche". You're doing great in all your endeavors!

  5. Such cute purses and brooches! You've been productive :D