Sunday 26 May 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 48

We have arrived at the last mid term break for the school year and I for one am really glad.  We have very few plans bar knitting, walking and swimming!  Oh and I have a few DIY jobs that I need to do (I will describe them if I get them finished next week!)
So for this week I have a few WIP's and will try to show all of them.
1) Understated - I am onto the body.  14 inches of stockinette in the round (and since it is boxy and I am not small this is a big round!)
2) Moss Rose - this is a WIP that I have not shared before.  I wanted to use the yarn I got from Eden Cottage for Christmas and found this project. I love them - the are handwarmers.  The yarn is fab and the pattern lovely and even suits the subtlety of the speckled yarn.
3) Shortie socks - I have not worked on these this week, but hope to do so this next week.
4) The same goes for these stripey socks. These are very slow going - I think the problem is that I don't really like using the small circular but I wanted to give them a good go, so that I could say categorically that I don't like them!
5) Azula - by Woolly Wormhead.  I am still loving this - I am now on the third repeat out of 8
So this week will see me concentrating on finishing some of these and I want to make a couple of Coco dresses to go with the rest of the collection.  And I want to complete Me made May with a round up of the month so that I can see what pieces I need for my hand made wardrobe.

I think that is it for this week, do catch up with the other Yoppers by clicking the link.


  1. Understated might make a great TV or podcast project with all that stockinette and I love how the yarn is working up in Moss Rose. I got some small circulars to try out on socks also but haven't tried them yet, like you I just wanted to be able to say yes I was right and don't like them. I love the colours and how they play together in Azula Lucy, I think for me that's the project that catches my eye in all of them. I hope you enjoy the mid term break

  2. The Moss Rose handwarmers are beautiful! Those will be wonderful to wear (and look at while you're wearing them). :) Azula looks interesting. I'm curious what that is, but I think rather than look it up, I'm just going to watch it grow as you show it to us. Hope you have a happy mid-term break, Lucy!

  3. socks, socks and more socks! Love it!. That Azula is fascinating. Mindless knitting of stockinette is great for binge watching netflix! enjoy your midterm break - I have to get some supplies and handouts ready for my courses this summer.....hmmmm...not today, I will wait for a rainy day for that which I am sure will happen sooner rather than later.

  4. I just love the idea of a hand-made wardrobe. In this mass-produced age, that is such a lovely thing. I can't see ever sewing well enough to make clothes, so I'll just admire yours!

  5. I like the small circular needle, but now prefer knitting two at a time for socks to avoid 2nd sock syndrome, but for knitting in the dark or a car they’d still be my choice. The colours on your Moss Rose are gorgeous. It’s funny we long for just straight knitting when doing tricky projects but then get bored of just knit stitches if it goes on too long...the cure is multiple WIPs which you’ve got a lovely selection of.

  6. Enjoy your week! I love the azula and your sweater is really going fast. I always love your yarns and the mitts and socks are so pretty. good luck with your sewing. I need to sew badly but with Spring and cleaning and gardening...ysda, yada sewing has been done. I can't wait to see your new pieces!

  7. Oh my....where to start. Your boxy is coming along quite well. I can only imagine how long it takes to complete a row. Your Moss Rose is absolutely gorgeous. I really like them. Your socks (both pair) are such pretty colors. Now as for the AZULA......What another pretty project.