Sunday 11 October 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 15

 So, last week went by in a blur, and I  didn't really have any progress.  The upshot was, no blog post.  Anyway I am up early this week, have a lazy Sunday planned, and have some progress to share.

First up is my lacy shoulders tee.

I am just making my way down the back and then it will be finished with a neckband.

My Dreaming of Paris socks are now coming along.  I am at the heel flap.

I am really enjoying these despite the fact that I am knitting them in all the ways I  dislike!  I prefer toe up, magic loop, short row heel and two at a time!  These are exactly the opposite!  I think it is the helical knitting which I am particularly enjoying.

We don't have much other news.  We have a new, smaller fish tank to replace our second, leaky one!  I may go out into the garden and get some more potatoes - we have a few left along with beetroot and carrots.  And we have a parent, teacher meeting this week via zoom which should be amusing!

And there we have it.  We shall settle in to watch Forest Gump in a bit and try to do some knitting.  I hope everyone has a good week and stays safe.


  1. The tee is almost there, huh! How exciting to be that close to finished. The same with the Sock. Isn't it funny how we all have our favorite ways to make socks. I think that is why they become so personal for us. I love cuff down on DPN's and prefer the eye of partridge heel but will switch that out with the FLK heel once in a while.

  2. Wow, Lucy, those socks are amazing! I had to go look up the pattern. Of course, it's a Joji pattern. You can't go wrong with her!
    I'd like to knit two at a time, but I cannot get the hand of toe up.

  3. Those socks are dreamy!!! I did a helical hat but haven't tried socks....brilliant! Your tee is almost done! Yay! My daughter is teaching art to 5 different grades both remotely and in class. She loves being back teaching but it is quite the challenge this year and of course the state and federal governments aren't helping much. But at least she and her husband are both working. Take care and stay safe! What's next after the tee?

  4. Dreamy socks, indeed -- the colors, and they look squishy soft.

  5. I like your socks. It's interesting how you are finding cuff down and 1 at a time knitting. I too only do top up and 2 at a time. Only exception was argyle socks and those haven't made it very far. Much more likely the sock is going to be frogged and become a two at a time striped pair of socks.

  6. I really do love how your lace tee is coming along - what yarn are you using?

  7. I like the yarn you are using for dreaming of Paris. Sigh. I am dreaming of Croatia, but that is a whole different story. Have a good week. Parent evenings by zoom....I am so glad I am a retired teacher.

  8. I’ve not tried helical knitting yet, something for my list...and a reminder to re-watch Forest Gump.