Sunday 18 October 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 16

 I am determined to get this up earlier today!  We have one more week of school before the half term break and I can't wait.

We had our first parents evening this week via zoom!  It was ok but hectic.  Despite that, I  did manage to get a bit of knitting done this week.

First up, I  knitted Christopher an autumn jumper and pumpkin!

I'm tempted to try to fashion him a witches hat for Halloween!

I also finished my Dreaming of Paris socks. 

I love these!  But I'm not converted, I am looking forward to winding some Christmas yarn to knit a pair of Christmas socks, two at a time, toe up and with a short row heel!

I am still making progress on my lacy shoulders tee, but as you can see I  am so nearly there - this week I'm sure of it!

This is knit in Rowan Summerlite 4ply.  I really like this yarn and is the nicest cotton I  have ever used (not that I  use it much!)  Now to prepare the roast and hopefully,  get more knitting in.  I hope everyone has a great week x


  1. That tee is indeed tantalisingly close to being finished - really love the lace, and I wouldn't have known this was cotton!
    I have a ball of it, but not used it yet, so this is great encouragement.
    Your socks are very pretty too - and Cristophers looks rather smart in his new jumper ;-) though for me that pumpkin steals the show!

  2. Christopher looks quite dapper in his fall jumper. Congrats on the completion of your Paris socks. They really turned out nice. Even though you would have preferred them to be toe up LOL. Your tee looks so light and perfect for summer. I will need to take a look at that yarn, as I do have that pattern and have wanted to make if for a while now.

  3. Love your socks. Thanks for sharing the pattern name. I love lace. Love your tee but have to admit I'm a knitting in the round versus seam "girl". Maybe some day I'll get comfortable with seaming.

  4. Well doesn’t Christopher look handsome in his new jumper. Cute pumpkin too. The socks look great, I like just sticking to the same recipe for socks, but I should try more like you do. I bet you are ready for half term!

  5. I adore those socks and Christopher's jumper is so cute. It's so nice that he has his own pumpkin. You are definitely nearing the finish line with the lacy shoulder's tee! I hope you got more knitting in! HAve a great week and stay well!

  6. Lots of great progress - and yay for a midterm break. You certainly deserve it.

  7. So many fun projects you're working on! The little bunny sweater made me audibly coo.