Sunday 6 December 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 23

 Despite having a lovely day off this week, I still did not manage to get around everyone this week.  I don't have much of an excuse, I  did spend all of Monday making the house look Christmassy  and we did have a parents evening on Tuesday, which caused the whole week to disappear!  I shall again make a real effort this week.

I have made good inroads into my first (new) project.  It is my advent project for this year using the minis I  wrapped myself to make an advent calendar.   Before I show you, I am very well aware there are some very accomplished chocheters in our group, and my efforts pale in comparison to others amazing projects.  However,  as a first time chocheter I am quite chuffed!  (I also know that no one here will judge me!)

I also know it needs to be blocked but while I'm very excited about it, I  need to keep the momentum going, so I  am not blocking yet and am joining as I  go (as well as sewing kn ends) as I  know full well I  shall run out of steam otherwise!

I have made a tiny bit of progress on Winterberry. 

Sorry for it being on its side!

And, I  nearly forgot... I  finished my Christmas socks.

These are knit from a sock set from Stranded in her last year's Christmas colourway gingerbread haus.   I may have just taken possession of this years 😉

I shall leave you with part of my efforts from Monday.   I hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. Lovely socks and winterberry is still one of my favorites that you are making. Your crocheted squares are just fine. With a bit of blocking they will bloom and look fabulous.

  2. I think your blanket will tell a real story at the end of it on how you learned to crochet and its definitely a good idea to join as you go I think. I'm knitting in all the ends on my wrap as I go as otherwise I'll have 50 odd ends to sew in and I just know I will lose the will so its a great idea to be doing it as you go as I'm sure there's way more than 50 ends you'll end up with eventually. :) I love Amy's videos but haven't bought her Christmas colours but was tempted by this years, so will love to see it knit up into something eventually when you do.

  3. Lovely tree! We have to scout one out. I hear there is a drive thru tree lot near us that I think we will check out tomorrow. I didn't get around to checking everyone's posts until two days ago - so don't stress.

  4. Not sure my comment went through so trying again--lovely winterberry. :-)

  5. Don't worry about have your hands full and that is quite understandable! The tree is awesome! Is it real? I miss the smell of the real trees...I haven't had one in quite awhile. I got all my presents in the mail so now I can start decorating. Your socks are the best Christmas socks I've seen....ever! Winterberry is just beautiful. Your advent project is precious too! Have a great week!

  6. Similar to Elka, not sure my first comment went through. Sorry if a repeat but I do love your Winterberry. Such a pretty pattern.

  7. Lucy, all your projects look great, and I will enjoy watching your crocheted project grow. I'm impressed that this is your first time crocheting! Your squares look perfect. I've purchased some yarns I hope to use to make a similar style (maybe the same) blanket someday, but I dare not start it any time soon. Too many projects with too many parts and I'll never get anything done. :)