Sunday 27 December 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 26

 Well this is two weeks in a row!  And  I have a finish!

My finish is my Winterberry.

You will have to excuse the bottom half - we have been isolating and so I was dressed for comfort!  I loved this knit and knit it from John Arbon Textiles Viola which is splendid.

Having finished this, I now have few WIP's.  My Battenberg is coming along.  I also picked up my garter stitch blanket for the first time in ages.  I haven't worked on my skirt, but may do in the coming days.  

So, what next?  There is a lovely pattern from the John Arbon annual called Oare Water and I  have some more John Arbon yarn which I  think will be perfect.   I also have some lovely pink yarn for a pair of socks for the rainbow chronicles KAL hosted by Jooles at Sew Sweet Violet. 

Christmas day was lovely, we have an Alexa Echo Show, which means mum and dad were able to watch us open our presents and spend the morning with us as it were.  We were very spoilt!  I got lots of lovely things which I  hope to be putting to good use!  And the boys were very happy.  

Well I  think, there is more cooking to do! I hope everyone has a good week and here's to a happy new year!


  1. Wow that looks stunning. I thought this was a shade of green but realise I’ve had the strong yellow filter on my iPad when I’ve been seeing it 😂. It looks lovely, beautiful detail and I would love to hear how the yarn wears. I like supporting JA and have lots of their fibre but only one skein of yarn which is different.

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous jumper, and the fit is perfect!

  3. Really love your jumper. Such a pretty pattern. I'm amazed at how fast you knit it up. We used Zoom for the first time to connect with all our kids that are scattered from Florida to Ohio. It worked on and was better than nothing. Luckily 3 of our kids still live in town so we got to see them in person.

  4. Winterberry is exquisite! What a beautiful design. I need to look into something so I can video chat with my grands. Enjoy your week and stay well and stay safe! Happy New Year!!!

  5. The Winterberry is lovely. Love the intricate patterning on it. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas too. I too am still spending time in the kitchen making goodies for hubby and I. Have a wonderful New Year.

  6. Gorgeous jumper, I love the detail on it !
    Found you whilst blog hopping, would be lovely to see you over at mine at

  7. Oh my goodness, Lucy! That Winterberry has such beautiful details. What a lovely sweater.

  8. The asymmetric curve of your sweater is BEAUTIFUL! I love the color too!

  9. I love the winterberry how the cables open up as it moves down the sweater. Well done!