Sunday 15 November 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 20

 And yet another week has gone in a flash!

Before we know it, it will be Christmas.   I am trying to get organised, but, this year, of course, is much more complicated!  I'm hoping the boys will be able to tell me what they would like from Father Christmas today.  I am also going to put my advent calendar together today.  I usually buy a yarn advent, but couldn't really justify the expense this year.  So I have been accumulating miniskeins that I am going to ball up and place into bags so I  can randomly pick one out each day.

In crafting news, I  have made progress on Winterberry. 

I am really enjoying this, but it is slow going.  Mind you I don't have many wips, so I am working pretty exclusively on this.

Apart from ...  

My Christmas socks!  I am very nearly at the heel - I will be doing a short row heel.
And that is it for this week.  Time to settle in for our film!
Hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. I agree, Christmas is feeling a bit different this year. I don't feel like I want to do a lot of shopping in a store this year so online is my friend this year. Your Winterberry is so pretty. I love cables and this sweater does not disappoint. Your Christmas socks will be done before you know it too.

  2. Your sweater looks amazing. So beautiful! Don't you love short row heels.

    I'm trying to not get too depressed about not being able to do our usual Christmas traditions. I'm planning to visit some light shows this year since I love Christmas light displays. I'm such a little kid about Christmas lights. Instead of going to church this Christmas Eve I'm going to drive around and look at light displays.

  3. I know this isn't a new idea, but I believe you have inspired me to put together and advent project for myself, Lucy. I've got a week and a half. The wheels are starting to turn. :)

  4. Your sweater has grown! I adore those socks and I have never been able to afford one of those advent packages but then my daughter and I exchange and we only do 1/2 of December and it is still pricey! LOL! I could just go blindly into my crafts room and pick something and it would be something I forgot I had! LOL! enjoy the movie!

  5. Love the sweater and the socks. Progress may be slow, but it will be so worth it. Yes, Christmas will be different. We are hoping our son will be allowed to come for a visit. He is in the next provincer over and they are talking about closing the provincial borders. Fingers crossed. It would be lovely to have him here with us. For him too as he lives alone and their will be no orphan christmas dinners for he and his friends as there has been in the past.

  6. I agree on how fast time is passing. I’d be happy just to have all advent calendars this year and not bother with main presents, your idea of making your own is lovely, will you make a particular project with your advent?

  7. This year has just flown it's quite scary really, I love the socks I'm making some too and am just about to do the heels as well hopefully today! have a great week.