Sunday 13 September 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 11

 Well it has been a strange week.  Wonderful in many ways.  Wonderful to be back with the kids - I have really missed the interactions with them.   But, of course, so many things are different and we are getting used to teaching differently.   I have to stay at the front as neither myself or the students are required to wear face protection.  I can wear it if I want but I prefer to keep my distance so they can see me, hear me clearly and lip read if necessary - so no wondering amongst them it is!  As things are different and we teachers need to move a lot more, since the students are in their bubbles, I have been very tired this week!

Anyway, crafting has still been done!

This was me this morning.

The knitting is the lacy shoulders tee - I  have completed the lacy portion and now am making my way down the back.  I'm still really enjoying this and should be nearing completion soon.

I have also made progress on my Dreaming of Paris socks.

I have turned the heel and now am on the foot.  Hopefully I will be on the second one by next week. 

And to be honest,  that is it for this week - first full week of school coming up, so I'm taking it a week at a time!

Hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. I imagine there will be plenty of strange weeks ahead. Good to have knitting for a time of resetting

  2. quite a setup you have for crafting out there, it looks so relaxing - quite a bit envious! And your sock is coming out great, one day I'll be a sock girl too!

  3. What a lovely crafting area you had this morning. I take it, the weather has cooled off a bit there. Loving the sock.

  4. Can I come over and sit socially distanced beside you, please? Looks like such a peaceful spot you have there. Your sock looks good, and I can't wait to see more of your lacy shoulders tee.

  5. Back to school time is always crazy!
    I'm a parent of two early elementary school kids and I'm exhausted after the first full week with both of them virtual!

    Also, I really love the micro stripes on the socks!

  6. Totally understand. I have teacher friend who has stopped knitting due to being exhausted at the end of each day.

  7. You are in school, no masks?? That is insane. My district is virtual for the first quarter, and I hope for the whole year. Schools are not safe!
    I went drawing this afternoon at a park near the school, and there were five high-schoolers I recognized hanging out. Then the five of them got in a car and drove off. No masks and no social distancing.
    I will quit before I go back -- unless there is vaccine.
    Take care of yourself!

  8. My friend who is a teacher says she thinks she’ll be skinny by the end of term she’s doing so much walking to classes. My niece and nephew are in an English school and its just corridors that they need to wear masks. They are loving being back (and so is my sister lol). How nice to still be able to sit outside and knit. Definitely autumnal here.

  9. Dreaming of Paris. That is a lovely idea, although I am dreaming of Croatia! Your socks looks great and I want to give you a HUGE thank you for being in the classroom. Teachers deserve lots of gratitude this year and this is mine coming right at you.

  10. I hope you stay safe and well. I love those socks. They are like none I have ever pretty. Glad your top is coming along! I bet you were tired! Get your rest for the coming week! Take care of yourself.