Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 43 (I think)

I managed to miss another week.  I was at my mum and dad's last week and although I fully intended to blog on Monday when I got home, it never happened!

I finished Jokull whilst at my mums.  It is glorious and done in plenty of time for our first camping trip booked for the end of May.
I will try to get some modeled shots at some point.  This is Jokull by Kate Davies and I have knit it in easy care wool and acrylic from Hayfield.
I also finished the socks for Daniel - here he is looking very mucky having developed a liking for chocolate hot cross buns!
Now of course Thomas wants another pair in blue.  He will have to wait as I have some Ma socks lined up and a pair of bot socks - both for me!
I have made great progress on From Way Back.  I have all but finished the body and one sleeve, so just one sleeve and finishing to go.
I have also made good progress on my Easter socks - these are Driftwood by Mina Phillips in the Bertie Botts colourway from Little French Meadow.
My next projects are all lined up - the aforementioned socks and I have wound the yarn for Breathing Space.

Now I decided this week that I needed another craft!  I have been watching podcasts and admiring the lovely embroidery that some add to their sewing projects (think little Bobbins or Sew Sweet Violet).  I decided I would like to do that so have got several classes on Creativebug and have started with the sampler class.  So my acquisitions were the equipment needed to start off.  I can see more in my future as this is strangely addictive at the moment.
And I think that is all.  Hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 41

We are experiencing some glorious weather here in the UK this last week or so.  Just as we go on spring break it has been very welcome.

I finished a couple of pairs of socks last week.  My March spring socks - Dumbledores Christmas stockings was the pattern and Life in the long Grass - rosehip was the yarn.  The yarn was gorgeous, you may not be able to make it our in the pictures but it is a striping colourway with green and pink stripes, each speckled in their own way.

The second pair of socks was my second gift socks - some rose city rollers for my mum.
I can also show you the test knit I carried out the other week.  These are To Darcy with Love by Knitterarium.  They were released in the week and she is now doing an Instagram KAL with them.  Really straightforward and well written pattern.

I have made some progress on Daniel's green socks (using the leftover form the test knit) - I have turned the heel now.
I have also cast on my April socks - this is Driftwood by Mina Phillips in Little French Meadow yarn in the Bertie Botts colourway - reminds me of Easter eggs.
I have also made progress on Jokull - I have done the armholes and have started the colourwork at the top.
And finally I have made progress on From Way Back.
We are going to visit my mum for the next week and I intend to take all of these, so hopefully much progress will be made.
I have been very good recently, but I got the chance to get my hand on some Stranded Dyeworks in the flamingo legs colourway and decided to treat myself to another sock blank.  I think this could become one of my summer socks!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week39

It's going to be short and sweet this week as we have some beautiful spring weather today, so I am looking forward to getting out in it (it may not last for long!)
These are not from my list, but are finished nonetheless.  A host of chicks for a craft fair next week.
I haven't made a whole lot of progress on much else this week (I think a flock of chickens is sufficient) but I did get my socks onto the needle for four at a time.
I am quite enjoying it - the yarn management is no more difficult than two at a time.  It is, of course, taking more time to make progress.
Will I do it again?  Possibly, but will probably stick to two at a time mostly.

We did go to Tilgate this morning and saw the animals.
Next week I have the craft fair and on the Sunday we are going to the car racing, so, in all honesty will probably be back in 2 weeks.  Have a good week!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week 38

Firstly I have to apologise.  I have been getting more and more behind at reading and commenting on the blogs in the YOP group. Last week I didn't get to even read most of them.  I don't have a good excuse other than completing levels on Pet Rescue on my Kindle instead of reading blogs! This week, my mission is to catch up and get up to date.
I have been knitting too but most of my projects look much the same, so I have few photos this week.
No finished objects, so straight into WIP's.  I am still working on Jokull and From Way Back, but they look no different so will show them next week. I have made lot's of Easter chicks as I have a craft sale coming up, but they are not finished so I will show them next week when they are done.
I also have Daniel's socks, but I haven't even picked them up, so hopefully, again, some progress next week.
Now the projects I have made progress on.  I have made great inroads into my March socks in Life in the Longgrass yarn in rosehip.  The yarn is gorgeous and I can't wait to wear these.
I am up to the heels and at which point I have grand plans!
I am also at the heels for my mum's Christmas socks - some Rose City Rollers in some leftover Knitting Goddess yarn.  The photo isn't great, but it's difficult to angle the shorty socks!
Now I really fancy having a go at four socks at a time.  I always knit them two at a time, but as I am at the same point I am going to have a go a four.  If it gets too complicated I can always take them off again.  I will report back next week.
And that is about it.  We went to the wildlife centre yesterday as there were some baby otters we hadn't seen yet.  They are now nearly the size of mum and dad!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 37

This week has gone by in a flash.  Thomas is better, although has lost his voice at the moment.  I have made a fair amount of progress so let's get to it!
I finished my first pair of gift socks.
These are for Lily.  I have cast on a pair for Daniel but these are not a Christmas gift so if I am going to make them all for Christmas, I need to get going.
In addition to the socks for Daniel above I will cast on my March socks today and hopefully have enough time to cast on the second set of gift socks today.
I have made some progress on From Way Back and have now split for the sleeves.  At the moment this is the only project that I really have to concentrate on so this may wait for a while until I have some quiet time to work on it!
I have also progressed on Jokull.  I am now at the handholes.  This is getting quite a lot of love at the moment as it is chunky weight and is mindless.
In other news, the boys wanted to make a cake, so we made a 'Stampy' cake!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 36

I have done quite a bit this week, not for the best reasons, but there we go.  Thomas was ill for most of the week and, therefore, I was at home with him.  And what is a person to do when at home with no work?!

I have two - but both are test knits so can't show you yet.
I finished the shawl first, have taken photos and will send it to it's recipient tomorrow. Unfortunately, her husband passed away during the week, so hopefully it will bring her some comfort.
I also finished the socks which were lovely to knit and will be my third pair for the boxosox KAL.  I immediately cast on some socks for Daniel in the same yarn as he has been eyeing it up all week.

I have made a little progress on From Way Back.
I love this yarn - it's from Mellifera yarn who sadly does not dye any more.
I have also made some progress on my gift socks and have turned the heel so just a bit of leg to do.
In addition, I was watching the Adelaide Cottage podcast who was talking about knitting an Om shawl to wear when she is camping.  This got me thinking, we go camping now and I have the yarn for Jokull.  So, I got very excited that I could knit this for camping.  I am knitting it in a Hayward chunky which is a mostly acrylic yarn, with 20% wool, which I think will be perfect for camping and throwing in the wash afterwards.
So that is me for this week.  I will need to bring work home this week so there will be less knitting done!  Have a good week.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 35

It's been the half term break here.  We have been out and about and even managed to get the first throwing stones in the sea shot even though the weather wasn't great.
I finished my Hermione's Valentine socks at the start of the week and added them to my box of socks.
This week has mainly been about the test knit.  I signed up to do two at the end of last week in my great wisdom!  I can therefore, only show teaser shots of these for a moment.  I started a sock test, and here is the cuff.  I am much further along than this now - I am currently on the heel on both socks.
 I also started a shawl that I will gift to my friend.  The yarn is Adelaide cottage and is gorgeous.  I have decided to add some of the beads to the bind off.  I am currently on the last lace repeat and hopefully will be near the bind off by tonight.
That has really been all my knitting time this week, so From Way Back has seen no love.  I have made some acquisitions.
I was fully enabled by a podcast called Snuggly Stars this week, who talked about an Etsy company called Little French Meadow.  She mentioned that they had Harry Potter inspired yarn and as I am trying to take part in the Harry Potter KAL with Inside Number 23, I wanted to grab some.  So I purchased Bertie Botts every flavour beans and Mandrake.
Whilst in Brighton this last week, we went to a lovely yarn shop with the intention of getting some yarn for sock bash for March (spring).  The boys picked out the lovely skein of Life in the Long Grass yarn in rosehip.
 I also got round to dying my yarn for Breathing Space.  So, bar winding, I am now ready to cast this on.  Just in time for Interpretations 4 to come out, which I totally succumbed to.
 I think I like every pattern in this, but I really love the cover pattern (Double Trouble), East or West and a shorter version of Winterfolk.
Well that was my week - hope this next week is good for you all.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 34

We have our half term break this week, it seems like it's been such a long time coming.  I have made some progress this week, but hopefully, I should be able to fit in a fair bit of knitting this week - which is good news.

My From Way Back is progressing nicely but slowly.  As I said last week it's a great knit but I do have to concentrate on the lacey bit.
I have nearly finished my Hermiones Valentine socks (they weren't ready for Valentines as predicted) - I hope to get these done by the end of today.
These are for the Grocery Girls sock bash KAL and Inside Number 23 Harry Potter KAL (as well as Boxosox) and both of these are month long KAL's.  But we needn't worry that I can't have a pair of socks on the needles as I have signed up to a test knit!  I can't show you these as they are a test knit and I haven't cast them on yet.

As if that wasn't enough I have also started a second test knit.  I talked last week about starting a shawl with the yarn I won - I was going to knit Fodhla by Kniterarium.  However, Ruth of Knitterarium is running a test knit for her latest shawl that I thought would be perfect for the yarn so I have decided to do that instead.  I am hoping that knitting it for my friend and it being a test knit will spur me into finishing doubly quickly.
I acquired my yarn for Breathing Space this week.  I got some merino fingering from Travelknitter in a beautiful blue.  I intend to dye some speckled yarn to go with it this week so will post pics next week.
I also succumbed (it didn't take much!) to a print copy of Interpretations 4 by Joji Locatelli and Veera Valimaki.  It has only just come out and is due to be dispatched on the 22nd - so hopefully next week I shall be able to show some pics.  

Well I fully intend for this to be a crafty week, I may even get to some sewing.  Hope everyone has a good and productive week. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 33

It's been a bit chilly here this last week.  Yesterday it snowed all day but not one speck settled.  I like enough snow that I shouldn't go out, not this that you can't even make a snowball out of!
No finished objects this week, but some progress.
I have made little progress on my gift socks, but I am nearly at the heel so I am sure then they will fly by.
I am at the heel of Hermiones valentine socks.  Not sure that they will be finished by Valentines day but we will see.
And I made a good start on From Way back.  It is still quite small, but I really need to concentrate on the lace part so I can only manage a little bit at a time, and with few distractions.
And that is it for this week, no sewing for a while, but with half term break looming I hope to change that soon.
Hope you all have a great week.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 32

It's been a week of finishes, starts and acquisitions this week.  We better get going!
I finished the sunshower vest this week.  I have weaved in the ends and sewn on buttons, it's just not blocked - in all honesty I probably won't.
It fits nicely, although as I have found with most of Andi's knits, it is a little baggy at the top.  I think once I have worn it and washed it that will sit better.
I knit this with stash yarn from Skeinyarn in blush - now discontinued and the black is cascade 220. Pattern is sunshower by Andi Satterlund.

My Christmas gift socks are coming along nicely, I am nearly at the heel.
I have cast on my February socks for both the Grocery Girls KAL, Inside number 23 KAL and the boxosox KAL.  These are my Hermione's valentine socks using the Hermione's everyday sock patern.
I have also cast on the chain for the provisional cast on for From Way Back which has been in my queue with yarn for what feels like forever.  However, once I did that I remembered I hadn't wound the yarn, but now that is done and I shall be off again.
And that leads me to acquisitions.
I said a couple of updates ago that I had won a competition.  I won a prize in the Adelaide Cottage knitting for a cause KAL.  One of the prizes was an Interpretations 3 book which I already have, so I told Shauna to give that to the others and I would happily take the stitch markers.  Anyway she got back to me and said she would send a skein of her yarn if I would like (If I would like! - Of course!)  While I was waiting for it I came up with a plan.  One of my relatives is suffering with cancer right now and his wife is of course being really strong, but it is really difficult for her.  So I have decided to knit her a shawl - I love knitting shawls but don't wear them myself. And I think that will be very much in keeping with the original intentions of the KAL.  I have chosen Fodhla by Ruth Mckeon (Knitterarium) and hope to have that cast on by the end of this week.
Here is the prize - the yarn is gorgeous - a lovely coffee colour with wisps of black and specks of red. Also came some stitch markers and some labels to sew onto your hand knits - beautiful.
So that is it for this week - please check out the rest of the group by clicking the sidebar.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week 31

Another busy week, but I do have some progress to report.
I finished the winter socks.  These are knitted in the last of my Frosted Holly by Mothy and the Squid.  I knit a full pair of adult socks with these for Christmas so I ran out before I would normally start my ribbing, but I don't mind I like the colours anyway and it means I used every last cm.
I have now entered these for both the boxosox KAL (Yarngasm podcast) and the sockbash KAL (Grocery Girls podcast)

I have no photos this week as I have been lazy and not taken them!  Will take next week and then real progress should be seen.  I have made progress on my Sunshower vest and am now onto the bottom ribbing.  So just the button band and arm holes to do.
I also started the first of my Christmas gift socks (I am startting early as I want to knit everyone socks next year!) for Lily - so little pink socks.

Last week we went to the wildlife centre to see the otters - they love the ice.
This week Thomas went to a climbing party, the first time he has tried anything like this - I think he enjoyed it.

Monday, 23 January 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 30

It's been a busy week - Thomas was 9 yesterday so we had a party on Saturday and went out Sunday.  We had a football party at the local community center.  A football coach came over and the kids had a great time.  So much so, Daniel now wants the same, so I won't complain, it was very easy to run and organise.

I finished my sock club socks this week, which was very exciting, these more complicated designs take me so much longer (but they look so good!)
I have made progress on my January socks for the boxosox KAL and the grocery girls KAL.  I have completed the heel and am now finishing the yarn before I do the cuff.
I have also made progress on the sunshower cardigan that I am making as a vest for the Andi Satterlund KAL.  I did realise a while ago that I was going to run out of yarn so have got some black to finish it with - black ribbing and button band, I think it will look ok.  Sorry about the photo, the light is dreadful and the yarn is camouflaged with the carpet!

I have nothing else this week but I did win something this week.  Hopefully it will arrive this week and I can share the excitement next week.

Hope you all have a great week

Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 29

It's been a little bit slow here on the knitting front.  I'm not totally sure what I have been doing instead but there we go.  We had some snow on Thursday night toying with us, but it turned to ice by the morning.  It would be lovely to have just one snow day - then I could have a guilt free kitting day!!  Anyway, one day.

I, yet again, have no finished objects.  However, I have made progress on all three of my wips - something will be finished by next week!
My sunshower vest is coming along.
I have decided that to do it to the length I want, I will need some more yarn so I have ordered some black to do a contrast button band .
My sock club socks are coming along as well - I have now done several inches along the foot, a couple more and I am onto the toes.
I have made some progress on my winter socks, but not a lot.
Well that's about it for this week. Hopefully next week there will be more to show.  Have a great week.