Sunday 26 November 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 22

It's beginning to get a bit close to the festive season for my liking.  I love the festive season don't get me wrong, but I'm not feeling that prepared.  That said, I baked my first batch of mince pies this morning.

I can show you my test knit today - as the Sugarplum Fairy was released on Friday.  So here are mine and I love them.

I still have the same WIP's.  I have progressed on my Chuck sweater and my mum's Christmas socks but have no photo this week.
I have made progress but not as much as I would like on my November socks.  I have less than a week now so I have to get cracking!
I have also cast on Thomas's Christmas jumper and will hopefully get this done by Christmas (fingers crossed).
I think that will have to be it for this week.  I hope everybody celebrating had a brilliant thanksgiving, and I will be back next week.


  1. Cute socks. I love the contrast between the socks and the toes/cuff.

  2. I love the christmas jumper - so sweet and the november socks pattern looks lovely. Isn't it great we finally can reveal our secret socks? I am so bad at keeping secrets, but I did it, and so did you!

  3. Your son is going to love that jumper. I'm just starting my first color work project...I hope to make a gorgeous sweater like that some day! The socks are really different and such a pretty color. I've never seen anything close to that looks difficult!
    Your yarn choices are always spot on for the project. Yes, the Christmas Crunch is on! LOL!

  4. I'm already scaling back my Christmas plans. I just don't want to arrive at Christmas tired and stressed. Both sock projects are super cute. Seems contrasting heels and toes are very much in fashion these days! And speckled yarn too!

    Looking forward to seeing the Christmas sweater!

  5. The stitch pattern in those Sugarplub Fairy socks is beautiful. And the colorwork on that sweater is just gorgeous. I love the colors you're using in that. I'm never ready for Christmas anymore. I don't dare start baking this early. I'm still trying to rid the house of Halloween candy! One little mini candy bar at a time... Notice I didn't say "at a sitting"... if you get my drift.

  6. Mince pies sound interesting so I Google'd it. Can it be made without the suet fat? Or is there a better substitution? Your socks look great. I like that tonal green; it's mysterious and moody with a dash of evil! The year has flown by. I was almost run over by Thanksgiving, not realizing at the time it was the next week.