Sunday 27 October 2013

Very short Year of Projects Update!

It's going to be a very short update this week, as, although it is the start of half term, I'm trying to get some serious knitting done during the week.

We are due a storm this evening, so have been weather proofing the garden as far as possible.

I have no FO this week, but have made great progress on Morticia and hope to finish this week in time for Halloween.  Then I should be able to finish the scarves and get on with some dishcloths.

On the baking front, we have been making lots of Halloween biscuits and will make more on Wednesday when my friend and her girls come over.  And I have my first paid commission for a wedding cake in March!!

All have a good week and hopefully, I will have lots to report next week!


  1. I hope you'll have a nice week full of knitting :)

  2. We all need weeks like this. May you up and coming week be knitty!
    Congrats on the wedding cake too.

  3. Can't wait to see Morticia! It's been the same here as I love Halloween and Fall and I have been trying to actually DO some of those things I pinned on Pinterest! LOL! Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy the treats of the season!

  4. Hope the storm didn't cause you too many seems to have missed us here on the Welsh Border thank goodness.

    How fabulous to get a wedding cake order........enjoy your knitting week.

  5. Oooh Halloween biscuits! Will you be posting pictures so we can all drool over it?! We're having stormy weather here too, and I'm just loving sitting inside with coffee and a crochet project :)

  6. What are Halloween biscuits? Congrats on your first commissioned wedding cake, that's exciting. Pictures please of your goodies and projects. Sounds like you're making great headway.