Monday 17 February 2014


Been trying to find inspiration today!!  This is somewhat hard in a damp and windy Crawley!!
However, I went out into the garden and found these:

My favourite flowers - snowdrops

Helleborus just before they go over

I bought yarn the other day, but I was looking for inpsiration in a colour scheme for a cardigan for my niece and found this..

Cream roses cupcakes Wallpapers Pictures Photos ImagesPerfect colours for a girlie top!!!

Since then have been out and about again and have got a bit arty!!
Made a few of our own cupcakes  - slightly less pastel but tasty nonetheless.

Spotted this handsome young man in the garden and he obliged for lots of photos!

 The above are shots of rain in the garden.

And .. the boys have been making suncatchers so thought I would take a pic!

Lastly, I thought I would sign off with the reason behind all the searching out inspiration - hopefully I will be able to explain further on Sunday.

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