Sunday 21 September 2014

Year of Projects - week 12 - The Week of Cast Ons!

Wow, I've cast on a lot this week!!  One finished object, two with progress and three started.
Last week I went to the Goodwood Revival with my family.  For those that don't know this is a huge race meeting for period racing cars (1920 - 1950 ish) where most people dress up and everything is in keeping with the era.

I went on Saturday and had a lovely time and the boys returned on Sunday while I did the last craft fair till Xmas.
Anyway, to the projects!!
I finally made some progress on the Xmas jumper (still on the bottom ribbing though), but reality has hit and I realise, unless I work on it monogamously I will not get it done by this Xmas.  So, I have rethought my timetable and aim to finish for next year!!

I made a little progress on my socks, I am at the toe now.  I think since I know they won't fit properly I have lost enthusiasm for them - but if I want the next pair to fit I need to see it through.

I made a little hat for the stall and started another - the finished one just needs the ends sewing in and bobbles adding.

I cast on some mitts for the stall.  These are coming on nice and quickly and the yarn is so lovely and soft, (it is Malabrigo worsted) I might just keep them for myself!!

I also cast on for a little bag in a superchunky yarn.  This is coming together incredibly quickly and easily - this too is destined for the stall.

Most of these are lovely quick knits so although I have lots on the go I'm hoping to get several finished this coming week.

In other crafty news, Darren brought home a huge bag of cooking apples from a friend's garden.  So having made crumble yesterday, I am making apple cake today and stewing the rest.  The boys want star shaped cookies for some reason - so will be doing that later too!

Also, I have been neglecting the sewing machine, so am hoping to cut the fabric for a top and another Delphine today.

Phew, that sounds a lot so better get to it!!  Hope you all have a good week x


  1. That does sound like a lot. What a beautiful picture of that super chunky yarn! I think I have super chunky yarn envy now :) I don't however envy you that basket of cooking apples - that's a lot of apple paring!

  2. Oh, and I meant to add that if you wanted to share your pattern and your fit issues with your sock I could give some thought to it and maybe make a suggestion or two. But you're right in the sense that with every pair you make you get a bit better at fitting them!

  3. I am thinking that I will be having a week of pure cast ons soon. Once the alpaca projects are done. I need to get my butt in gear for Christmas stuff. I don't want to be racing th clock Christmas Eve!

  4. Lovely and busy with lots going on and I love the array of projects each so different to the others, hmmm apple cake, love that, I made apple traybake last week with a load of apples we were given. I love this time of year for produce.

  5. Wow! I'm glad I'm not alone in having a zillion projects going at once! LOL! And with Fall coming on the baking is so necessary. I have bread dough and apples waiting be incorporated into it. I love all your projects. So sorry about the socks but trust's been a long road for me to learn them and I am still slogging along but it just gets better and better so don't be too hard on yourself.
    I love the mitts and that does it...I have to order some Malibrigo! Everyone raves about it so I need to try it. Your little guy(s) is/are so cute...wasn't sure if that was the same one in both pictures or 1 of each. LOL! Glad you got out with your family and what a great Mom you are to bake too. Mother's are amazing....I remember those days and I couldn't do it now if my life depended on it but back then I could conquer the world! LOL! You go girl!

  6. wow loads going on... like the look of the chunky bag.... xx

  7. Beautiful projects and yummy apple treats. I especially love your mitts and the chunky bag. What pattern are you using for the mitts? I love Malabrigo and have some that I have been hoarding --I can't quite settle on a pattern. Your family is beautiful and reading your post made me miss the days when I had littles to take care of!

  8. I love the little chunky bag ...... so many cast on's you have been very busy, unlike myself!

  9. Wow you are busy! Love that Malabrigo yarn it's so pretty