Sunday 24 May 2015

Year of Projects Update - 47

Its the start of the half term break so I'm hoping much knitting will be done!
I have made progress since last week on Aiken - so near yet so far!!  Hope to be done tonight - just got the right sleeve to go.

I finished my stripey socks and wore them yesterday.

These are knit in Sirdar Heart and Sole with a little left over Mellifera yarn for the heel.
Since it is the start of the half term break we went out today.  We went to an alpaca and llama farm near us.  The boys had a great time and I picked up a little alpaca yarn!

On our return I got ready for my next few projects...
The Britsock bottom left is for some socks - pattern yet to be determined.  The pink, purple and grey on the right is for Rhombing around.  And the purpley colour top left is for Vianne for the Outfit along that I will take part in again this year - more about that in a later post.


  1. Yup I must learn to knit. The detail on that sweater is beautiful!

  2. Mmm loads of gorgeous yarn! And those stripey socks are awesome!

  3. I love the way Aiken is coming out. The detail at the neck is so pretty.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your kids!

  4. Aiken looks really interesting specially as it's my first time to see it and well done on finishing those lovely stripey socks. Lots of lovely new yarn and I hope you all enjoy your mid-term.

  5. Tell me that your feet were happy when you wore the striped socks! Me feet like to dance in mine ;)
    Good job!!!

  6. Ohh, so many lovely yarn cakes! :)

    Aiken is looking great, and those socks are just darling!