Sunday 6 December 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 23

I'm a little late posting this week.  It's starting to get busy around here!!
Yesterday heralded the last craft fair of the year, and then today we did lots of preparation - finishing the decorations and lights, finishing the cake and a little bit of wrapping.
In terms of knitting, I have taken on another test knit - just a quick pair of mitts for a friend.  These have knit up fairly quickly - I have finished the first.
I have also been working on my socks this week and a hat for my son to wear as daddy bear in his Christmas play.  I will post pictures next week when hopefully I will have made significant progress.
To fill the gap the I will show you gratuitous pictures of my boys last week visiting father Christmas and around the tree!


  1. The fingerless mitts look so pretty, Lucy. And thanks for showing pictures of your boys and some of their Christmas fun. They are cuties. And the Christmas pictures help to get me in the spirit of the season.

  2. Such cute holiday photos! Darling boys.
    I can't believe that you knit that mitt quickly. Cables really slow me down.

  3. i love the fingerless mitts so pretty my favorite color.

  4. I wanted to get to finger less mitts but so far nada....maybe after Christmas. My son that I wanted to make them for has a January birthday so that would be a good gift. He works on cars and helps people when they stall out etc. Last year he helped his sister and got a little frost bite because he needs his fingers free to work on wires, etc but finger less mitts would at least help maybe even those that look like mittens but the tip folds back. Those are a very nice pair...too fancy for him but I'm sure they have a plain pair out there somewhere.
    Your boys are so darling and what great photos for memories of Christmas.