Sunday 19 March 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week 38

Firstly I have to apologise.  I have been getting more and more behind at reading and commenting on the blogs in the YOP group. Last week I didn't get to even read most of them.  I don't have a good excuse other than completing levels on Pet Rescue on my Kindle instead of reading blogs! This week, my mission is to catch up and get up to date.
I have been knitting too but most of my projects look much the same, so I have few photos this week.
No finished objects, so straight into WIP's.  I am still working on Jokull and From Way Back, but they look no different so will show them next week. I have made lot's of Easter chicks as I have a craft sale coming up, but they are not finished so I will show them next week when they are done.
I also have Daniel's socks, but I haven't even picked them up, so hopefully, again, some progress next week.
Now the projects I have made progress on.  I have made great inroads into my March socks in Life in the Longgrass yarn in rosehip.  The yarn is gorgeous and I can't wait to wear these.
I am up to the heels and at which point I have grand plans!
I am also at the heels for my mum's Christmas socks - some Rose City Rollers in some leftover Knitting Goddess yarn.  The photo isn't great, but it's difficult to angle the shorty socks!
Now I really fancy having a go at four socks at a time.  I always knit them two at a time, but as I am at the same point I am going to have a go a four.  If it gets too complicated I can always take them off again.  I will report back next week.
And that is about it.  We went to the wildlife centre yesterday as there were some baby otters we hadn't seen yet.  They are now nearly the size of mum and dad!


  1. Sometimes it is nice to just veg out with something mindless....I do that with some games on FB but I too have to be careful and not spend too much time at it....only as a reward! LOL! The yarn on your first socks is gorgeous and 4 at a time? You will be in the Ginness Book before long! I want to make some Rock City Rollers for Summer....that might help get me over my knitting debacles too. Have a good week....I have to go now and check out Pet Rescue! Ha! Ha!
    I love Otters but will you look at the teeth on those things? They look so gentle until they open their mouths...sort of like some people I know! LOL! (No one on these blogs) let's just say people I have known in my!).

  2. Wow, those otters look huge to me! Curious, I had to look this up. I had no idea how varied in size different otters can be. I'm guessing I've only seen river otters (living inland as I always have), and none of them have approached such a large size as those look to be.

    Your WIPs look great, Lucy. I am always impressed (and surprised) when you write about projects you haven't shown here (like your Easter Chicks for an upcoming craft sale). I am just amazed at how productive a knitter you are.

  3. Four at a time? That just makes me feel old. And here I was thinking I could avoid that whole two-at-a-time craze ;)

  4. Otters! so cute. That is one animal I have yet to see in the wild. Four at a time? Fantastic. I have sometimes done two at a time, but I get so tangled I find it faster just to do one at a time. If I do two at a time I do them on separate needles.