Sunday 21 May 2017

A Year of Projects Update - Week 47

Oh my gosh, the year is rushing by!  It has been a little quieter around here this week and at the end of this next week is the mid term break so I will be really taking stock during that week and start putting together my thoughts on next year of projects.  But first, this week.
Yes I have two.  Both socks.  The first is socks by Amy Meeks.  The pattern is Dobby's Hidden Sock and is a bit different as it has no pictures.  The idea is you don't know what it looks like before you knit it.  Now I didn't do it exactly as written, I lost count of the rows and I put in a different heel, and I found the pattern quite tight so I didn't do as long a leg as I would normally do.  But I do like them!  I have only added a part picture just in case others would like to knit them in the same vein - I have linked my project page so you can see the stitches if you would like.
The second FO I have is the boot socks.  I love these and the colour is brilliant.  The yarn is by The Knitting Goddess and the pattern is totally mint by Katya Frankel.
My Breathing Space is coming along, I am nearly up to the striping.  I have not included a pic this week as it looks very much the same as before.  Hopefully by next week I will be on the striping and it will start to look interesting!
My other WIP, I cannot show you either as it is a test knit for Knitterarium.  These are another pair of socks and they are lovely, knitting up really fast.  I will show you as soon as I can.

No yarn this week but very excitingly my copy of Pom Pom came.  I had seen lots of reviews that sounded very good and it didn't disappoint.  There are four or five patterns this issue that I would like to knit - so I am thinking next years list......

Anyway that is it for this week, have a lovely week.


  1. Loving your socks. Your boot socks really grabbed me. I am looking forward to seeing your test knit completed. I am almost on the foot of the first sock LOL.

  2. I like knitting mystery socks. And those are intriguing me to go check out your page. Oh my, and yes, I guess I have to start thinking about next year too.

  3. Such lovely looking socks! :)

  4. Your socks are lovely. Every time I see a new pair of knitted sock I wonder how scrumptious they must feel to wear. And how fun they must be to look at on your own feet. :)

  5. Your socks are so pretty in that yarn and what fun...a mystery knit! I think I put week 48 on my post....I better go count or just stop putting the week number on my less worry! This year I have got to have a project page in my bullet journal so I can keep on task. I put things up or 'away' so Miss Peeps won't get into my yarns and then I forget what I want to work on plus I think I will use generic projects with goals but not necessarily a pattern named. I did terrible this year but it was a messy year with this darn roof problem moving things in and out and in and out again. Oh well, enough excuses...this next YOP year will be better!
    I love the Totally Mint pattern and the yarn you chose really shows off the pattern. Have a great week!