Tuesday 13 February 2018

The Garden Project - January update

January tasks
  • Clean the greenhouse - remove all dead plants, re pot any living plants, tidy and clean as necessary
  • 'book' Julie and her chainsaw for the February half term to take down the decking and book a skip for the same time
  • Clear the garden of leaves
  • Cut back all brambles
  • Prune the raspberries right down in fruit cage
  • Research a stand for the strawberries
February tasks
  • Take down decking
  • sort out patio
  • Make strawberry stand
  • Sow cabbages, lettuce and basil
  • Soak sweet peas
  • Buy potatoes

These are all of the tasks I had planned for January and what I intend to do this month.  As you can see, the big progress has been with the decking.  Julie and I spent Monday removing it as you can see below.

So the decking is now gone. I am going to spend a little time at the end of the week tidying the new patio.  I am going to keep what was underneath, although Darren may have to level out a bit of it.  There is a patch that I think I can build a barbecue onto.  Otherwise, it just really needs a clean and tidy and will be good to go.  I have been looking at the wood we have and think I can fashion a frame and place some strawberry planters on top.  Again this, together with the other tasks on the January list will hopefully be done at the end of the week.  So there we are - I will take pictures and update again at the end of the month.

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