Sunday 18 March 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 38

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, but it has meant I have done a fair bit of knitting.
We have also had a little more snow. 

I completed three more little socks for my advent calendar this week. 
I have made progress on the winter rose socks.
The yarn is a Wensleydale Shetland blend from the knitting goddess.  I am on the heel now and am going to add a fish lips kiss heel.
I have also made progress on Zinone but it looks much the same so will report next week on that project. 
I have cast on socks for Thomas in another yarn by the knitting goddess in tiger feet. 
and I have added the next bits to reflection - I decided on a contrast colour as I think I will run out.
 I love this shawl, and I'm not really a shawl person!
Anyway, I'm off to bed now!  Hope you all have a good week.


  1. Those wee socks are so darn cute.

    I really like your winter rose socks. I might have to look up that pattern.

    Thomas is a very lucky young man for his mum to making him socks.

    The contrasting yarn on the shawl is quite striking. I like it!

  2. Your little Christmas Advent calendar socks are just adorable. :) Your other projects look great, too, Lucy. I hope you get better soon!

  3. Very cool how the widening of the shawl changes the pooling texture in the variegated yarn. That first part almost looks like it's in motion!

    Love the colours so far in Thomas' new socks!

    I hope you shake off whatever's ailing you quickly!

  4. Those little socks are just adorable.
    I wear my shawls like scarves and it works out just fine!

  5. Those socks are so cute! Love the new yarn for Thomas's socks. Your Winter Rose socks look very warm and soft. I really need to try some new techniques...I need to learn more! I didn't think I was a 'shawl' person either but when I saw how they use them as scarves I was all in! I hope you feel better soon! Take care!

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