Sunday 29 December 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 26

I was so late posting last week,  that I am now posting again in a matter of hours!
We are now back home and I find myself in week 26 of the year of projects (if you do the July start).
Firstly here are the socks I finished last week.
The yarn is actually much more yellow/honey coloured.
I explained why these aren't exactly what they seem in week 24!  I love them anyway.
So now what?  Well, I am continuing with the dust of snow wrap,  although I have run out of the alpaca and so need more on Monday (a trip to hobby craft was on the cards anyway).
I cast on Like a Cloud by Joji  Locatelli  on christmas eve, which is a lovely relaxing knit so far.
I also cast on some socks - no pattern for these,  just toe up, vanilla shortie.
The yarn is some Olann that I picked up at YAK in Brighton.
This does mean that all of my current projects are from stash - hurrah!
I think we are all feeling a little under the weather today,   so a PJ day is in order.  I shall be doing lots of baking.  I plan to make some gingerbread, a sponge for new year, some bread and will be cooking a ham for  dinner.
Edit:  by the time I have uploaded the photos I have done all of that,  plus installed a printer, cleaned the kitchen and am currently winding yarn for another project!
I hope everyone has a great week and wonderful new year.


  1. Goodness, you have already done a full days work today. A PJ day sounds lovely. Glad you are having one. Congrats on all your current projects coming from stash yarn. All your new cast ons look so pretty. I love all of Joji's patterns. They are such comfy looking knits. I may have to break down and purchase some of them soon as I am always envious of the ones I see completed on other's blogs. Enjoy all those goodies you made today.

  2. Your projects make me want to knit right away. Currently I'm largely doing blanket squares for Warm Up America and Izzy dolls for Canadian emergency medical org. Maybe it would be okay to make a little something for me, too...please enable!

  3. Wow you achieved a lot for a PJ day, I barely move if I’m having one. I hope you feel better soon. Some lovely projects finished and started, that fluff looks like a cloud for sure so seems a perfect match for the pattern name. Happy New Year xx

  4. Wow, if that's what your PJ days look like .. You achieved more than I do on a regular day. I love your honeybee socks, and as for the baking, yummy!

  5. For being a little under the weather you got a lot accomplished. And your treats above look scrumptious. I love those honeybee socks too. :) Happy New Year, Lucy!

  6. I need to print out your post and put it on my fridge! Then every time I feel like taking a "break" I need to read your post and get going! I need drugs or something to be as energetic and accomplished as you! You are amazing for sure! I love those socks in the honey color.
    I am thinking I may start making some solid color socks this year. i really like your Dust of Snow and like a cloud wraps. Both very elegant looking and love the colors. I love the new socks and that yarn...yummy color! I really need to learn toe up and 2 at a time. Your baking and the ham sound delicious. I was thinking of a ham for New Years too. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. Yay for clean kitchens and baking. Wow, for someone taking a pj day you certainly are productive. Happy New Year and all the good things to you and yours for 2020 and beyond.

  8. That's quite the productive day for a pj day! The knitting all looks gorgeous (my favorite is the Like a Cloud) and the baking is making me hungry. :)

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