Sunday 27 September 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 13

 Well last week's promise nearly didn't happen!

We had a bit of evening drama when our second fish tank sprung a leak! Anyway we are now drying out, so I can do a brief update.

I have finished the first dreaming in Paris socks but I don't have a photo.   I will show you next week.   

I have been making good progress on the lacy shoulders tee. 

Just a bit of stockinette down the back and the neckline to go.

I have been making progress on the cornhill scarf. 

Here it is whilst I was watching Stephen West this evening. 

I signed up for his colour play webinar a few weeks ago and I didn't regret it.  He was excellent - I could listen to him for hours.

And I think that is going to have to be that for a minute as I still have some cleaning to do!


  1. Wow, lacey shoulders tee has really grown. Looking forward to seeing the socks. You seem to have completed them quickly.

  2. Your tee is looking great, Lucy. The lacy shoulders make it special. Glad you're drying out from the leaky fish tank. Years ago when we had a large tank, that it would spring a leak was my fear. =^o

  3. I can't remember if I commented and it's gone for approval. In case I didn't already then just to say I love the lace detail on the top and it looks like it will be finished soon.

  4. I hope the fish are alright? You're almost done with the tee! Yippee! It is going to go with so many things as that is a perfect neutral color. Was the webinar free? How do you find out about those things? I'm sure it was wonderful! I really like the Cornhill Scarf and the yarns you've chosen...yummy! I hope you have a good week and stay safe and well!

  5. Love your lacy tee although so far I avoid seemed projects. I'm looking forward to making some tees this winter.

  6. Can't wait to see your tee modelled. I can imagine a stephen west workshop would be so much fun - he has such a great sense of humour (and colour too).

  7. Ohh that Stephen West webinar sounds really interesting! I am so bad at figuring out how colors go together so I will need to look it up.