Sunday 31 January 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 31

 It's been a bit of a fortnight!  Not bad, just busy!  

My eldest had a birthday which was lovely and then last week, and this week we had a parent teacher evening.  So it has been a little hectic.

I have put in a little time on all of my projects.  I affixed a few squares on the Battenberg blanket and did a few rounds on the Oare Water sweater.

I am now at the heel of my January rainbow socks.  I am knitting these in some pink rainbow yarn from Kate Selene.

I have also put in some rows on my garter stitch blanket.  It is now big enough to put over my lap whilst knitting, which is lovely right now!

I also cast on one of the new Stephen West patterns.  I'm starting with the honeycomb stripe hat for my littlest.  


I'm really looking forward to the sweater coming out, but that is later in February. 

And that is that!  I hope everyone has a good and safe week.


  1. Love the colors you have chosen for the hat. Gold and teal?? A Stephen West pattern in on my bucket list. Maybe 2022?? Won't be long now on those socks unless like me they are just "fill in" knitting. My pair of vanilla socks got started back in Sept!!

  2. Oh I love that greenish yarn for the Stephen West hat, what yarn is that do you recall? I'm sure it will look lovely. I hope this week is a little more laid back for you.

  3. I love the colours you choose for the hat. I have made things with gold and teal - they compliment each other so beautifully.

  4. The socks really moved along this week. I love doing heels. Do you? Your garter stitch blanket is pretty. I like the colors on it. Is it a self striping yarn or are you changing colors. The colors you have selected for the Stephen King hat are fabulous. The pattern looks like a fun one to make. But then, most of his patterns are very interesting.

  5. You've been busy! I'm working on a blanket too and love when the get large enough to cover with while making.

  6. The gold and teal yarn will make a very nice hat, I think!

  7. All of your projects are SO PRETTY!!!
    That hat is going to look AWESOME!! I hope it fits your littlest for a few winters!

  8. I love the color of your socks.
    And that Stephen West hat is a really interesting pattern.