Friday 16 April 2021

Hand Sewing

 The Sewing Bee is back!  

I love Sewing bee - I find it so motivating, and generally find myself somewhere in the middle (that isn't blowing my own trumpet, it's just not putting myself down).  In some aspects, I think I am quite proficient and in others I think I will probably never get to!

Anyhow, it has prompted me to dig out my sewing projects.  Namely,  the Olive pinafore from Tilly and the Buttons.  I have had this cut out and interfaced for months, so it was overdue some attention.

My love of Sewing started when I joined in the Andi Satterlund outfit-a-long.   As a result I bought a cheap Sewing machine from Hobbycraft, which has served me very well for years.  But over the years  I have fallen out of love with sewing with the machine.  

During our first lockdown, I discovered Bernadette Banner and watched a few of her videos on hand sewing.  Now, I was fairly certain, I hated hand Sewing  but I  think the years of knitting has reset my need for all things immediate!  I started hand sewing and loved it - my first piece was a pair of knickers.  They took me a while but I really enjoyed the process.  

Since then I have completed several pieces by hand, it does take longer, but I like the control that it gives.

So today I have sewn the darts, the side seams (French seams as I don't have an overlooked and the fabric is a bit frayed).  I am hoping to sew the facing later and then finish things like the hems on the machine over the weekend.  Here's hoping I have  new dress to go back to work with. 🤞

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  1. I love hand sewing, gave away my machine long ago. And I try to get everyone to follow Bernadette Banner's channel. She's excellent also funny. Very glad you're a hand sewer too.
    I got into english paper piecing a couple of years ago largely because it's hand done work, and made a whole lot of pillows which I really enjoy using.