Sunday 13 March 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 37

 I ran out of time last week!  Little did I know this week we would all come down with Covid and I would sort of have loads of time!  

We are all getting over it now and none of us had any worse than cold symptoms, so I have managed to finish up a few things.

Firstly I knit myself some yoga socks with leftovers from my Susurrus. 

Of course, I haven't got to wear them yet but hopefully this week.

I also finished up a pair of Safiya dungarees from Tilly and the Buttons Make it Simple.

This is unpressed, but you get the idea!

I then moved onto some little felted mushrooms - as you do!  

These I am going to turn into a fridge magnet for my mum's advent calendar. 

I did do a little work on the Festive KAL sweater and my spring socks bug not too much to make a difference. 

And finally  I cast on my new project Soorik from The Shetland Trader book 3.

This is using some Exmoor Zwartbles from John Arbon Textiles.

And that is that for this week.  Hopefully  I will get some done this next week and will try to do two weeks in a row!

I hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. Glad to hear your Covid was not bad. Your yoga socks and dungarees turned out great. The little felted mushrooms are so cute. They will make an adorable fridge magnet. A new cast on this week. How exciting.

  2. That's great you got so much done. I'd say my symptoms now are like a cold, so I am knitting a bit today. At least if your whole house has it at the same time you've had freedom of movement. Glad everyone is on the mend. I watched the mushroom tutorial on living felt this week so will be having a go at some point

  3. You've been very produce. That's the first I've seen of yoga socks. Very cool design.

  4. Love the yoga socks!! I definitely need to knit some as I get back at doing classes at the Y. Glad you family didn't have serious symptoms with Covid and that everyone is getting better. So far hubby and I have missed it or had such mild symptoms we didn't know we had it.

  5. Love the fridge magnet! What a great idea for an advent calendar. you have me thinking about yet another advent calendar. lol

  6. Wow! 2 YOP'ers with Covid and I had it several weeks back. Glad it wasn't worse! The yoga socks turned out great. The dungarees are darling and I adore those felted mushrooms! The Soorik looks really interesting. I hope you heal up fast and have a good week ahead.

  7. I look forward to seeing your Soorik progress!

  8. I love the felted mushrooms, they are so cute!