Sunday 19 June 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 51

 Oh my  another week missed.  I didn't have a really busy weekend last week (apart from going to the cinema)  but as we all know  sometimes it's just nice to stop and relax.  Unfortunately,  last week that meant no post.

Not to worry, I am back this week with a range of projects.

Firstly, an FO.  I finally finished the bag - Judoka - from Pompom magazine number 25.

This came together really well in the end and I have used it loads   including the trip to the cinema.

I have also came back to my Soorik pinafore from Shetland Trader book 3.  I have split for the armholes and have completed the front bib up to the colourwork section, and am now working the back.

It needs a block  especially the part where I changed needle size!

And finally, I have nearly finished my Grace dress (incorrectly called it the Kate dress last time) from Simple sew.  I just need to complete the seem from the zip and hem it.  

This is entirely hand sewn, which is my sewing method of preference these days (who am I?) 

And that is it for this week.  I am hoping to finish the dress and maybe the pinafore in time for next week's round up, but we will see.  I would also like to start formulating plans for next year's YOP.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy week  💗 


  1. What a lovely dress. I can't image hand sewing a dress!! I like your pinafore. Can't wait to see the finished object.

  2. I like hand sewing, too, make clothes that way. I like to see the work of another hand sewing fan.

  3. You have done a very nice job on the dress. I like your Pinafore. It will add a lot of versatility to your me made wardrobe. Good job on the finish of the bag too.

  4. Wow - hand sewn? That is amazing, but I get it, hand sewing does seem very satisfying (plus I can do it in front of the TV). I love the bag. So glad you are getting lots of use from it.

  5. Your dress is so cute and summery. I love that fabric. The bag is adorable and so the stripes! You hand sew everything? Amazing...although I must admit I like to had quilt smaller's very relaxing. Yes, plans for the next YOP...I love planning....follow through is not great but I love a plan!

  6. I love the dress, you hand sewed it?? WOW. I bet it will be really comfortable.

  7. My hand sewing is terrible. I cannot imagine sewing a whole dress by hand. I know that's how people always used to do it but it still baffles me.

  8. Omg that’s amazing….hand sewing a dress, I can’t even tack in a straight line by hand. You are so clever and with the hot weather you get down there it looks like it will be perfect.

  9. Wow! That dress is lovely, and hand sewn. Wow. I can’t even see a straight line with a machine, lol. -Jen @Carolina Tales Blog