Sunday 7 August 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 6

 Week two of the holidays has passed!  Me and the boys spent it with my mum and dad in Somerset.   We had a nice time and still the weather holds

  We are supposed to be getting another heatwave towards the end of next week  which we are not looking forward to.  Me and Daniel however, will be outside next week as we are going camping in Norfolk at Snetterton race circuit.  So as long as we can get our tent pegs in the ground, it should be ok!

While I was with mum and dad I was able to make some progress.   I only took my festive yoke KAL sweater and so made good inroads to this project.  I have spilt for the sleeves and now am working down the body. 

I am knitting this out of Navia Duo yarn and will be making it into a dress.   I think I may do one more motif and then put it on waste yarn to try it on and then do the sleeves.  I only want short sleeves so hope they won't take too long!

Other than that I have done a bit of Sewing, but I will report on that in a couple of weeks when we return from Snetterton.

I have also been enjoying a few audio books, but, again, I will put that into a separate post. So, it is a bit short and sweet this week,  but I will try and add some extras during the week. I hope everyone has a great fortnight as I will be in a field next week and unable to post!


  1. I hope your heatwave is not as bad as the last one you had. Sounds like you have had a full week and have another one coming up. I like the knitting project you took with you.

  2. Wow!! Love your holiday dress. It will be so festive. Hope it cools down so you can work on it. Sounds like you are having a good break from school.

  3. I’m not looking forward to the heatwave again this week either. I love the sweater dress, hopefully you can think cooler festive thoughts while you knit.

  4. I'm sorry to hear you're facing more extreme heat. We're spoiled with AC so we can't complain! from Minding My Own Stitches

  5. Do you have air conditioning? I hope so. They have been taking about your heat awful! Your sweater dress looks lovely. Glad you had a good time with your folks.

  6. Oh that's very pretty. I didn't even realised I'd missed a week! Liz