Sunday 4 September 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 10

 Well, I think it is week 10?  I have not posted the last few weeks as we have been all over the place.

Three weeks ago, me and my youngest son went camping at Snetterton to watch the touring cars, which was really good but a bit warm (we went during our second heatwave!)

On our return we had a couple of days turn around and then went off to Yorksire as a family.   This again was wonderful, but next time we will visit for longer.

When we returned from Yorkshire we again had a couple of days turnaround before heading off to  first my mum and dad's, and then to Cornwall and St Ives.

Here we had a brilliant time with lots of sea swimming and hiking.

And now (last Thursday) I am back to work and the boys return to school this week (they will both be attending my school from this year).

With all of that going on there has been little time for crafting, but I have got a bit to report.

Firstly, a finish!  I took these on the drive to Yorkshire and was able to finish them off when we returned. 

These are my spring socks (they have been on the needles that long!)  The yarn is from West Yorkshire Spinners snd I think it is mojito.  Pattern is just a plain sock, toe up, short row heel and 1 by1 twisted rib to finish.

Another finish was an impromptu foot rest made from a box and some old work jumpers of my husband's!  It is currently being used as a footstool and housing several WIP's. 

I also took m Festive yoke KAL with me and have done a little on that.  I decided to get the sleeves done, so now all I have to do is keep going straight for miles!  I am going to make this into a dress.

And finally, I have a new cast on that I am loving.  I have cast on Tegna by Caitlin Hunter.

This photo does the pattern or yarn no favours  but I loved the way the sun hit it!  The yarn is from Lay Family Yarn in the Sweetpea cottage colourway and is beautiful. 

And finally,  that is that.  As I havd already mentioned,  we are all at school this week, so less may get done, but we shall see!

I hope you all have a great week. 


  1. WOW, this has been a high travel time for your family. 2022 has been a huge travel year for me as well. Glad you were able to enjoy all the trips. The spring socks turned out really cute. Your Festive dress looks great! It will be so fun to wear. I can't image knitting such a large project. Congrats!!

    1. Oops. I keep forgetting to do the header so it doesn't come up as Anonymous.

  2. Those socks remind me of a mojito drink. Aptly named colorway. Your Festive KAL is gorgeous. That will make one fantastic dress. What a smart way to use a box. I am sure the ottoman is perfect for your WIPs. Tegna is a great looking sweater. The yarn you have chosen is really pretty too. You certainly did do a lot of traveling the past few weeks. I am sure great memories were made too.

  3. Your Festive KAL is going to make a lovely dress. It sounds like you have been able to get in a lot of great family travel time. The pictures are beautiful! Hope you all have a great first week back to school! Jen @Catolina Tales

  4. What great family vacations you had! I'm sure those are memories your boys will remember always. You still got a lot accomplished. The Spring socks are so cute and the dress is going to be gorgeous! I do love that yarn for the Tegna. Your storage footstool is amazing! You are so talented. I hope the school year goes well for you. My daughter's been back for a couple weeks now. Take care!